Fall 2021's HIP Symposium will take place Thursday Dec 9 and Friday Dec 10th, with a face-to-face portion planned on campus and an online component through a webpage designed to showcase ~5 minute videos of student presentations.

Fall 2021 HIPS Timeline

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Student Symposium

Fresno State is committed to providing students with the most effective learning and development opportunities possible. Countless research studies have demonstrated that courses which engage students in hands-on, active learning projects, especially those where students apply academic content to real-world community issues, are more effective in improving student success compared to traditional lecture courses. These types of experiences are called “high-impact practices."


Event Information

Fall 2021 HIPs Student Symposium

Date: Thursday and Friday, Dec 9th and 10th.Time to be determined.

Location(s):  Both Online and in HML's Ellipse Gallery

Student Registration

Registration notifications go out to students mid-November.  You will need your Fresno State student ID and if you are registering a group, you will need all group member names and Fresno State email addresses (please check the accuracy of your group members' email addresses).  Registration is done by presentation, so only one student registers for a group.

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>>Information on How to Register

Presentation Templates

YouTube Link Submission/Generating the YouTube Embed Code 

Once you've created your HIPs video presentation, you will need to the following to submit your YouTube link presentation:

  1. upload your presentation video to your Fresno State YouTube account (using your Fresno State email) and
  2. and the link to your uploaded YouTube presentation 

Download the Guide to Uploading to Your Fresno State Student YouTube Account/How to Get the Embed Code for Submission

Ready to Submit? 
Click here to submit your YouTube link!

Pictures & Presentations from Past Events

For Faculty and Administrators - Faculty Registration Now Open


HIPs Poster Symposium Main Contacts:

Dr. Beth Weinman
Email: bweinman@csufresno.edu

Dr. Annabella Espana-Najera
Email: aespanajera@csufresno.edu

HIPs Poster Symposium Technical Contact:

Marie Tongson-Fernandez
Email: mfernandez@csufresno.edu

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