Plan Your Schedule

  1. Log into My Fresno State.

  2. Click on the Student Self Service.

  3. Click on the Student Center.

  4. Click on the green arrow My Academic Records & Registration.

  5. Click on the Schedule Planner link.
    Schedule Planner link

  6. Read the instructions carefully on this page before making any selection. It is important that you understand how to navigate back to this page once the desired schedule has been created.

    TIP: It is highly recommended that you save a screenshot of these instructions for reference.

    Schedule Planner step 1

  7. Click on the Click Here button on above step to access the Schedule Planner.

    TIP: For video tutorials on how to use Schedule Planner, click on Help.
    Schedule Planner step2

    Schedule Planner step3b

  8. Create Breaks for any period of time which you do not wish to take courses. Select the + Add Break button to generate a new break.         Schedule Planner step4a
    Select the days and times that you don't want to take classes and click on Add a Break

    Schedule Planner step5

    If the break conflicts with any course you will receive a notice when you start adding classes.
    Schedule Planner step 6
    Keep in mind that once you begin adding courses, you can setup your preferences and select your preferred days. See step 13.

  9. Now you are ready to begin searching for courses. Click on the Change button to narrow down the course status.
    Schedule Planner step7

    Indicate which of the three options offered is preferred, and click on Save.
    Schedule Planner step8

  10. Search courses by Subject.
    Click on the By Subject tab
    Select the desired subject from the drop down menu and specify the Catalog Number (a description of the course will appear at the bottom).
    Click on the + Add Course button to add the course to your class schedule.
    A green box will pop up indicating successful add of course. The course added will appear on the right hand side of the screen under Courses.
    Schedule Planner step9

  11. Follow the same steps to add additional courses. All successfully added courses will appear at the right hand side of the screen under Courses.
    Schedule Planner step 10

  12. Search courses by Attribute.
    If you would rather search for a course based on a certain attribute such as general education (GE) courses, it would be best to utilize either the Search by Course Attribute or Search by Section Attribute tabs.
    All the General Education Areas are listed along with DISCORVERe Tablet Class, Learning Community, Service Learning Course, and Upper Division Writing Skills.

    TIP: Having your Degree Roadmap on hand at this point will assist in determining which courses you need to enroll in order to graduate within a desired time frame.

    Click on the Search by Course Attribute tab
    Select the Subject from the list. Select the Catalog Number.

    Repeat the same steps until all the desired courses have been added, then click on < Back to return to the main page and review all added courses.
    Schedule Planner step 11

  13. Set your class preferences
    After the desired subjects have been added, select the Options button.
    You will get a list of all the courses offered for that subject.
    Schedule Planner step 12
    You may choose to deselect a course based on instructor, days, time, or location
    (deselected courses won't be listed in the schedules).
    Click on the Save & Close button to add the selected courses to your schedule.
    Schedule Planner step 13

  14. Filter the courses by Instructor.
    On above window, click on the Advanced Filters button.
    Select the preferred instructor(s) and the section attribute
    (ex: DISCOVERe Tablet Courses, CLEV – Upper Division, etc).
    Put a check mark to add the course to your schedule.
    Click on the Save & Close
    Schedule Planner step 14

  15. Review your schedules choices.
    Click on the Generate Schedules button and review all the possible schedules.
    Schedule Planner step 15
    Some course selections will generate 50 to 100+ different schedules options. To see a quick overview of a schedule, hover over the magnifying glass icon. A small visual weekly schedule will appear showing the courses arranged by color.

    Schedule Planner step 16

    To compare two or more visual schedules side-by-side, check the box next to each schedule then click on the compare button.Schedule Planner step 17

    Make a note of the schedule number that you want to view, then click on Open #  to view in a large scale.
    Once the larger scaled image is closed, you will not be directed back to this comparison.Schedule Planner step 18

    Another way to view a larger scaled image without comparing it to another schedule is by selecting the View option for that corresponding schedule. You can hover over the magnifying glass for a quick weekly schedule layout, then select the View option for the details of that schedule alone.
    Schedule Planner step 20

    While viewing the larger scaled image, the top half will be filled with the course information, the bottom half is the actual weekly schedule laid out visually. If any course on the schedule is to your preference, it’s possible to lock that course in place.

    TIP: Locking a course will change your schedule results. The system will be adjusted to only show those schedules which include the locked course at that exact date and time. You can keep locking and unlocking the courses to suit your preferences.
    Schedule Planner step 21

  16. Setup the Class Padding (optional)
    Padding between classes allows you to ensure a minimum time between classes in your schedule. Class padding may create conflicts if a course begins or ends during that padded time.
    Schedule Planner step 22

  17. Set your preferred schedule as favorite.
    Select the heart icon. Enter a name for the schedule when prompted. There is no limit on the number of favorite schedules.
    Schedule Planner step 24
    All the favorite schedules saved can be accessed through the Schedule button at the top right hand corner. For example, if there are 2 favorite schedules, the information will appear as Schedule 1 of 2 or Schedule 2 of 2.
    Schedule Planner step 25

    Another way to access the “favorite” schedules is at the bottom of the main page. There is a tab labeled “Favorites” with a red heart (indicating schedules have been flagged) and a numerical value (indicating the number of saved favorite schedules).
    Schedule Planner step 26

  18. Choose your final schedule out of all the favorites. Then click on Send to Shopping Cart button.
    Schedule Planner step 27

  19. You will get a confirmation of the action, click OK.
    Schedule Planner step 28

  20. If the transfer was unsuccessful, a notification will appear. Follow the instructions regarding the use of class numbers.
    Schedule Planner step 29

  21. Once the corrections have been made to an unsuccessful transfer, retry following the same steps by sending to shopping cart. A successful schedule sent to the shopping cart will result in the notification as shown below.
    Schedule Planner step 30

  22. Return to your Student Center. Click on the Class Enrollment tab, you should see the message below confirming the success of the pending schedule from Schedule Planner. Click on the Import button as instructed.
    Schedule Planner step 31

  23. Next, you will be presented with the class information for every course from your schedule. Double check the information, enter the permission number as necessary, and select the Next button. Follow the same steps for every course that you imported.
    Schedule Planner step 32

  24. After all the imported courses have been verified, you can choose to add more courses to the wish list by entering a class number and conducting a class search.
    TIP: If you choose to add more classes using the Schedule Planner instead of class search, the courses from the first import will need to be deleted from the wish list before you can import duplicate courses. Or, if there are no more courses to add, proceed to step 2 and step 3 to enroll.
    Schedule Planner step 33

  25. While proceeding to enroll, if you receive any error message, read the information closely and address the issue.
    Schedule Planner step 34

    For any questions or assistance, contact the University Registrar at 559-278-4743