Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs

The Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The office serves and advises faculty and administration on all matters relating to academic personnel. This includes, but is not limited to, appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, leaves, and grievances. This office is designated to handle all matters related to Unit 3 (Faculty) and Unit 11 (Academic Student Employees).

Updates for 2013-2014

New - FAQ's on Pension Reform such as: Retirement Contributions, Formulas, Membership, and Post retirement employment. (Link to CSU Benefits)

Retirements on or after 1/1/2013 (see FAQs for complete information) - 180 day waiting prior to employment as a retired annuitant after 1/1/13.

Deadlines and Training Dates

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Academic Policy Manual Recent Updates

Fall 2013

   360 Policy on Sabbatical and Difference in Pay (DIP) Leaves

   361 Policy on Faculty Leaves of Absence

   221 Policy on Blended Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

   215 Policy on GE Policies, Procedures and Program Description

   304 Policy on Terminal Degrees

   306 Policy on Temporary Faculty

   325  Policy on Retention and Tenure

   332  Policy on Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty

Spring 2013

    301 Appointment of Tenure Track Faculty Including      Service Credit

    324a Sample Probationary Plan - June 2013

    623 Web Policy - April 5, 2013 

Fall 2012

505 Interim Policy on Conflicht of Interest in Grants and Contracts for Principal Investigators - January 14, 2013

540 Interim Policy on Intellectural Property - January 10, 2013

440 Policy on Awarding Posthumous Degrees - December 6, 2012

320 Policy on Administrative Appoinments - November 19, 2012

327 Policy on Promotion - October 2, 2012

399 Policy on Emerita and Emeritus Status - October 24, 2012

221 Interim Policy on Blended/Accelerated Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

August 2012 - Memorandum with summary of changes to the following policies approved as interim on July 20, 2012:

301 Interim Policy and Procedures for the Appointment of Tenure Track Faculty Including the Award of Service Credit - July 2012

325 Interim Policy on Retention and Tenure - July 2012

332 Interim Policy on Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty - July 2012

399 Interim Policy on Emerita and Emeritus Status - July 2012

Faculty Affairs Contact Information

Office of the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
Henry Madden Library
Harold Haak Administrative Center, 4th Floor
5200 North Barton Avenue M/S ML55
Fresno, California  93740-8014
Phone: 559/278-3027