Passwords and Security

In an ongoing effort to keep your information safe, Technology Services has updated our password complexity requirements. The new change will take effect next time your password expires, or you can reset your password now.

Fresno State Password Policy

Passwords MUST have Passwords MUST NOT have
  • 9 or more characters
  • At least one UPPERCASE character (A-Z)
  • At least one lowercase character (a-z)
  • At least one number ( 0-9 )
  • At least one special character ( # * . - { } [ ] $ @ % & )
  • Words found in a dictionary
  • Your username
  • Your First / Given name
  • Your Last / Surname

Note: Spaces at the beginning or end of the passwords are ignored.

Having Trouble with your new password?

The Mobile Device Password Management section may have your answer. Remember, you must keep your password up to date across all devices accessing your account.

Don't See the Solution to your Browser or Password Problem?

Check out our password FAQ, or click here to submit a Technology Service Desk Work Order. For immediate assistance, please contact us directly.