Please be sure to get regular advising.  This will ensure that you are correctly interpreting both the Flowchart and your catalog year.

Also, remember that there are specific milestones in your progress toward degree that require mandatory advising.  These are very busy times for the Craig School of Business Advising Center, so be pro-active and schedule an appointment well in advance.

 B.S. in Business Administration Flowcharts

Accountancy Option

Computer Information Systems Option

Data Analytics Option

Entrepreneurship Option 

Finance Option 

Human Resource Management Option 

International Business Option 

Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies Option

Management Option 

Marketing Option 

Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Option

Sports Marketing Option

 B.A. in Economics Flowcharts

 B.A in Family & Consumer Sciences- Fashion Merchandising Option

Family &Consumer Sciences- Fashion Merchandising Option

B.A. in Fashion Merchandising Flowcharts 

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