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Get the latest information about Fall 2021 Repopulation and COVID-19. Before coming to campus, take the COVID-19 Daily Screening.

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The Graduate Student Success Center

Currently, the Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC) is operating virtually. Please visit our Graduate Writing Studio and Graduate Statistics Studio  online. Here you will find useful resources related to your graduate classes.  If you would like to meet with a Writing Consultant or a Statistics Consultant, please schedule an appointment through our online booking system or email us at

Once we can all return to campus, please remember to visit and utilize our physical space on campus found on the second floor of the Henry Madden Library (Room 2119).  This 1,100 square foot space is restricted to Fresno State grad students and access is via a key swipe using your Fresno State ID card. Along with the Writing Studio and the Stats Studio, you will find workstations, individual study rooms, a collaboration table, and laptop tables with power strips.  The areas (tables, study rooms, workstations) of the center are available for your use, and do not require a reservation.   

Video Resources

 Writing Videos

Graduate Level Reading

Reading at the Graduate Level (YouTube Video: 10:00)

Anatomy of a Research Article (YouTube Video: 2:40)

5 Tips for Better Notetaking (YouTube Video: 4:20)

Avoiding Plagiarism 

Paraphrasing Effectively: YouTube Video (3:57)


Thesis/Dissertation Template 

Pasting into the Template (YouTube Video: 1:39)

Styles Window (YouTube Video: 1:33)

Populating the TOC, LOT, LOF (YouTube Video: 2:36)


Oxford Comma (YouTube Video: 2:27)

Collective Nous (YouTube Video: 5:33)

Verb Tense (YouTube Video: 4:25)

Scientific Writing

Scientific Writing (YouTube Video: 3:01)

 Statistics Videos

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences    

Introduction to SPSS (YouTube Video: 14:18)

T-Tests in SPSS (YouTube Video: 22:34)

Correlation & Causation in SPSS (YouTube Video: 11:46)

Analysis of Variance (YouTube Video: 20:23)


 Please use the Data Set Document (Excel) to understand following videos.  

Warming up with Excel (YouTube Video: 20:18)

Thinking Ahead (YouTube Video: 27:36)

Excelling with Pivot Tables (YouTube Video: 19:57)

Research Process Workshops

Reliability and Validity Workshop

Reliability and Validity (pdf: 255 KB)

Additional Resources

Bar Chart (YouTube Video: 1:24)

Pie Chart (YouTube Video: 2:33)

Creating a Histogram (YouTube Video: 4:09)

Box Plot (YouTube Video: 2:06)


Graduate Student Orientation  

The Division of Research and Graduate Studies staff have prepared a helpful video series for new and even returning graduate students. Visit our Graduate Student Orientation page to check out these resources designed to help you feel welcomed and equipped as you navigate your graduate school journey!


Financial Resources

The cost of attending graduate school seems to be getting higher and higher. Thankfully, we can help you find ways to make your graduate experience more affordable. Fresno State offers several different financial opportunities through our division and other departments across campus; these range from financial aid to scholarships, assistantships, teaching associateships, and more. However, they are competitive, which is why it is very important to know your deadlines and apply early. Please use the tabs to the left to navigate through our various funding opportunities.