Tulare City Hall


CRPC offers General and Contractual services such as regional workshops and grant administration. To find out more, click on the sections below.


Planning Workshops for Local Elected Officials
CRPC is developing a “Planning for Elected Officials” toolkit that will help provide information on the importance of planning in the context of local governments.

Regional Workshops
CRPC is convening focused strategy sessions among public sector planners, community groups, developers, real estate agents, and other stakeholders about how to overcome multidisciplinary obstacles and improve overall prosperity in our region.


Regional Grant Administration
CRPC is available to provide regional grant administration and technical assistance to our community partners. The Office of Community and Economic Development has an established precedent of regional grant administration through our office’s other initiatives, such as Smart Valley Places and the San Joaquin Valley Regional Broadband Consortium, and is committed to convening a variety of grantees to betterment of our region,

Community Engagement
CRPC staff is available to help local governments and other agencies enhance their community engagement and public participation in the development of planning documents. This includes meeting facilitation, multilingual press releases, and targeted outreach to traditionally un/under represented community groups.

Demographics, Data, and GIS Services
CRPC is available to provide data, demographics, and basic GIS services for San Joaquin Valley communities

Technical Assistance and Circuit Planning
Staff is available to develop general plans (or components of general plans), climate action plans, economic development strategies, and other planning documents for local governments.



Photo • Tulare City Hall • Courtesy of Tulare County Association of Governments