Iron Bird Lofts

Community & Regional Planning Center

The Community and Regional Planning Center (CRPC) is a joint venture at Fresno State between the College of Social Sciences, Department of Geography and OCED. It serves as the administrator of the San Joaquin Valley Regional Blueprint Toolkit - an online repository of resources and tools for Valley planners - as well as a resource hub between the regional initiatives of its participating organizations (above). Through collaboration with numerous partners, CRPC links technical assistance providers to Valley communities and serves as an information hub and resource for planning-related knowledge and research, peer learning networks, and expertise.



Pictured above is the Iron Bird Lofts in downtown Fresno which combines living, retail and commercial space. This is an example of the City using mixed-use development to support smart growth principles by creating compact walkable communities. Iron Bird Lofts consists of 16 three-story townhomes, 48 lofts and 16 two-bedroom flats, ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 1,600 sq. ft.(Photo used with permission by Fresno Redevelopment Agency.)


3/23/15-URT Cohort Speaker Series

 URT Speaker Series

Above, viewers listen to one of the presenters at the 2015 spring semester speaker series.


The Fresno State Urban and Regional Transformation (URT) Cohort successfully wrapped up its 2015 spring semester speaker series, "Central Valley Families in Transformation: Current Trends and Community Responses". The speaker series was co-sponsored by the College of Social Sciences, the College of Science and Mathematics, the Craig School of Business, the Lyles College of Engineering, and Departments of Psychology and Sociology.

The purpose of the series was to raise awareness of issues affecting Central Valley families and communities, to engage the audiences in discussion on responses to these issues, and lastly, to better connect Fresno State faculty, staff, and students to the community. There were four installments from February 4 through March 11:

  • February 4: Lowell Homes: Places of Hope and Restoration in a Downtown Community presented by Lowell Community Development Corporation and Lowell Neighborhood Association 
    • This talk addressed the housing challenges in Fresno County that range from single family to multi-family units and some of the creative solutions that have contributed to the revitalization of downtown Fresno and community betterment.
  • February 18: Public Health Issues in the Central Valley: Diabetes, Infant Mortality & Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders presented by California Health Collaborative
    • This talk was designed to raise awareness about important health issues that affect thousands of people in the Central Valley, and to spark discussion on how the community can unite to solve these issues and improve health among all.
  • March 4: Strengthening Families and Ensuring Children's Success: Addressing Children's Development, Health, and Education Needs in the Early Years presented by First 5 Fresno County and Assessment Center for Children, Exceptional Parents Unlimited
    • This presentation addressed how First 5 Fresno County, in partnership with a host of government and community benefit organizations, has established a system of care focused on enhancing access to care, effective early identification and intervention, community engagement, and capacity to building to promote child well-being throughout the county.
  • March 11: Use Your Voice! Know Your Rights! presented by Centro La Familia
    • This presentation focused on the experience of working with the undocumented victims of human trafficking in our community. Presenters discussed the cultural barriers experienced by the Latino population in the Valley. The presentation also included a Telenovela (video story) focusing on an example scenario of human trafficking.

The URT Cohort is a diverse group of staff and faculty members form six departments and seven institutions on campus, who work as a team to develop research and strategies that support urban and regional transformation in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond. For more information, please visit: