Wireless Internet

Outdoor Wireless Access Expanded

Technology Services recently completed an outdoor wireless project, creating 22 access points across campus (see list below). Faculty, staff, and students are now able to access outdoor wireless in a variety of locations and will greatly benefit from the options provided by this new service.

Whether checking email on a nice day or enjoying your online class outdoors, our hope is to enhance the experiences in teaching and learning for our students, faculty, and staff.

  • Peace Garden
  • Open Spaces in Student Housing
  • Memorial Fountain
  • Rose Garden
  • Maple Mall
  • Science II Building [open space]
  • Plaza Area south of the USU

Connecting to the ‘eduroam’ Wireless Service

Configuration Instructions by device type; choose the device you need to set up for wireless

Acceptable Use of Eduroam

The use of Eduroam is governed by:

For guests to Fresno State, the Appropriate/Acceptable Use policy of your home organization also applies.

Eduroam policy requires users of the service to either by over 18 years of age or have consent from a parent or guardian to use non-filtered Internet access.

Login information is recorded by Fresno State and your home organization.

Connecting to ‘fresnostate’ Wireless Service

  1. Connect to any network with public Internet access. ('bulldogs' wifi, 3G/4G cellular, Ethernet, etc)
  2. Open a web browser and copy this link: https://cloud.securew2.com/public/78509/fresnostate/
  3. The service should detect your operating system; enter your Fresno State username and email password instead of using the computer login credentials; Click on Join Now and follow the steps indicated.