Fresno State Gmail Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: Student email accounts will be deactivated 1 year after they leave the university. If you want to migrate your data please follow the steps outlined in the following knowledgebase article link.

How To Back Up Your GSuite/Email

  • Where can I access my Fresno State Gmail account?

    Students can access their Fresno State mail by going to the web site

  • Why does Fresno State use Gmail for students?

    After much student input and research, the Gmail service was selected as the solution that provides what students were asking for in a new email system. It allows them access to the GoogleApps tools as well as cloud storage. Switching student accounts to Gmail will also allow Fresno State to save money on maintenance and hardware costs.

  • I went to Fresno State quite a while ago. Will messages sent to my old address be redirected to my Gmail system.
  • What are the benefits of a student Gmail account?

Gmail offers a number of improvements to our former system, including more storage, faster response and a more contemporary interface. Gmail also comes with additional applications that students can use to interact with other students, and work collaboratively on their studies.

  • What services are going to be available to students?

    In addition to the Gmail application, Fresno State is also able to offer additional applications: Calendar, Docs and Drive, and Sites. Google Calendar offers an online personal calendar that can sync with most current mobile devices. Google Docs provides online document support that can open Microsoft Word and Excel documents and link them easily to student's email. Google Drive is online storage for students. Google Sites offers students the ability to create simple web sites.
  • What email and mobile clients will be supported for the Gmail service?

    Most email clients will be able to retrieve email from the Gmail server. However, the Fresno State Technology Service Desk will not offer assistance with any third-party e-mail software (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail). In order to access your email from a third party app, you will need to set a google mobile password.

    Gmail also will work with most current mobile phones. Please note that the Technology Service Desk is not able to support mobile phones beyond "best effort".

  • What protocols will be supported for the Gmail service?

    Gmail supports both the POP and IMAP email protocols. Any email program or mobile device that supports these protocols should work with Gmail.

  • I manage a listserv or distribution list. Will I need to update my subscriber list?

    Technology Services acknowledges that maintaining accurate Listserv information will be a challenge as most students have switched to Gmail. Please note that all student email address now have the domain "".