Mass Email Request - Final Steps

Ensure that the preliminary stepsfor your mass e-mail distribution have already been completed before continuing on with this form.

To prevent delays in processing, please read this document thoroughly before submitting this form.

Final Steps to Create a Mass E-mail Distribution:

  1. Fill out the form below at least 2 business days before the message must be sent. You will receive your work order number via e-mail once the form has been submitted.
  2. If someone other than you will be submitting the list of users and the message body, have them send the list and body text to at least 2 business days before the message must be sent out (more time will be needed for special mail-merge requests)

    IMPORTANT: Please include the work order number you receive after submitting this form in the subject of the message sent to

    The body data must be in plain text (no formatting is allowed) and the associated recipient list and data must be in Microsoft Excel format.

    NOTE: Technology Services will make every effort to distribute your message in a timely manner. However, if the information is highly time-sensitive, please allow at least 5 business days after all information is sent to Technology Services for processing.

  3. To assist in prompt processing, the person sending the body, recipient list, and other data should call the Technology Service Desk at 85000 to inform ITS that the data has been sent to They will need the Work Order number to give the agent when they call.