Create Your Fresno State Account

This account will allow you to access your Fresno State email account and other resources you will need as a Fresno State employee. Please follow the instructions below to create your account.


  1. Point your browser to the Fresno State Signup page

  2. Enter your nine-digit employee ID number and your date of birth, then click on Continue.

    note: If you receive an error message, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5000.
    Getting Started V2 - idm
  3. Select your username from the selection provided. 
    Enter a password (following the criteria) and confirm the password. 
    Select three secret questions and type the secret answers.
    Click on Verify
    Choose account settings V2 - idm

  4. Verify your username and click on Create

    Verify username selection V2 - idm

  5. You will get this confirmation page once the account is created

    Account details V2 - idm