Campus Internet

Getting Started

To connect to the Internet through the on-campus wireless network, follow instructions below:

  1. Connect to any network with public Internet access. ('bulldogs' wifi, 3G/4G cellular, Ethernet, etc) .

    Note:  Android devices should obtain the SecureW2 JoinNow app from Google Play before proceeding to Step #2.

  2. Open a web browser and copy the link below:

  3. The service should detect your operating system.  Enter your Fresno State username (same as Email/Blackboard/MyFresnoState).
    Note: Faculty and staff must use their LDAP credentials, not AD.

  4. This step is OS dependent...  iOS wants you to click to "install" a profile.  All are similarly simple, except Android devices (see step # 1a)

  5. Connect to 'fresnostate'.

  6. Enter your Email/Blackboard/MyFresnoState password.

Configure Your Devices Through the "fresnostate" Wireless Network


Windows RT

Android 4.x