Lactation Station

Located on the top floor of the University Student Union, the  lactation station is open to all of our new mothers on campus to have a comfortable, private space for their lactation needs. Within the area, we have furnished a comfortable chair , and decorated the walls with images of other mothers and students here on the Fresno State campus. We wish for all of our students to succeed, and by providing this room for new mothers, we aim to make our student’s experience here at Fresno State a more accommodating one.

New mothers are afforded reasonable break periods during Fresno State programs or activities; including classes, to express milk or nurse as needed with out penalty. Private areas for expression are located in the:

  • University Student Union, (3rd Floor Women's Restroom Lounge)
  • Family Food Science Building, 3rd Floor Women's Lounge (Northwest Area of Campus)
  • Frank W. Thomas Building, First Floor, Women's Lounge (Center of Campus)
  • Engineering East Building, First Floor, Room 114 (Northwest Are of Campus)
  • Joyal Administration Building, Second Floor, Women's Lounge (Southeast Area of Campus)
  • Click the link for locations.

Click to learn more about Lactation Stations and Nursing Support here at Fresno State.

  • Lactation Station
  • Lactation Station Sign
  • Lactation Station chair
  • Lactation Station pictures on wall

Funded by First 5 of Fresno County