Disability Management Counseling

Disability Management Specialists (DMS) can assist students in their efforts to cope with their disability and the issues that develop with regard to academic life.

The DMS evaluates eligibility and determines appropriate academic accommodations for enrolled students with physical, perceptual, learning and psychological disabilities. Services include the provision of comprehensive disability-related academic and career development advisement. The DMS works with students on developing alternative learning strategies, problem-solving skills, and effective self-advocacy approaches. The DMS assists faculty, staff, and administrators with information regarding appropriate implementation of mandated academic accommodations.

Academic Advising

  1. It is the student's responsibility to receive appropriate academic advising from the University Advising Center (for undergraduates), located on the 2nd floor of the Joyal Building, or their advisor in the department of their academic major.

  2. If the student requests, after the student has made the selection of courses with their advisor, the DMS will review the choice of courses with the student to determine their appropriateness to the student's disability-related needs.