Services Provided

Henry Madden Library

Academic Accommodations

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides a wide range of academic accommodations to students with verified disabilities who have registered with the SSD office. Services for each student are determined on a case-by-case basis. The following are examples of some of the accommodations that may be provided.

Students will meet with a Disability Management Specialist (DMS) to determine which accommodations will best support their specific needs and develop an accommodation plan of resources that will be available to them when needed.

Accessible Instructional Materials

Course materials provided to students in alternate formats that other devices and software can access.

Accessible Testing Services

Testing spaces to assist students with their accommodations.

Assistive Computer Lab

Private computer lab for students who require assistive equipment and software.

Assistive Technology

Technology that will assist students with disabilities in the classroom.

Classroom Services

Services provided in the classroom such as notetaking, alternate furniture, and procedures for recording devices.

Disability Management Counseling

Access to Disability Management Counselors to assist with setting up services, accommodations, and other services. 

M.A.P.S. Mentoring and Peer Support

Peer Mentoring for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and those with related challenges.

Real-Time Captioning Services

SSD offers in-class/event Real-Time Captioning Services.

Sign Language Interpreting Services

SSD offers in-class/event Sign Language Interpreters.

SCOUT Transportation

Transportation service based on accommodation that will assist students in navigating the campus.

Ubiduo Face to Face Communication

Communication devices for those who need assistance without access to a Sign Language Interpreter or captionist.

Other Services

Information on Workshops, registration, referrals, and tutoring.


Read&Write is a literacy software that will assist any student with reading, writing, and research.