Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Responsibilities

  1. Make known to students that academic accommodations are available based on disabilities and that Services for Students with Disabilities office is the appropriate entity to begin the process.
  2. Provide an environment that is harassment-free in nature and non-discriminatory to the student with a disability.
  3. Keep confidential all information related to a student's disability.
  4. Refer a student with a disability who has self-identified to Services for Students with Disabilities, the office designated to provide services in this area.
  5. Provide accommodations in the appropriate manner as designated by Services for Students with Disabilities from the time that the disability is made known to the campus. If the student requires classroom accommodations, a letter from Services for Students with Disabilities that specifies the appropriate accommodations will be provided to the faculty member.
  6. Ensure that students, based on disability, are not dissuaded from entering into specific fields of study if the student is otherwise qualified for the field or class.
  7. Provide the educational experience; the student is responsible for maintaining the acceptable requirements for the class or major.
  8. Provide or create Accessible Instructional Materials for all students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please visit SSD's Accessible Instructional Materials page.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Self-identify that he/she has a disability.
  2. Provide appropriate documentation of disability that is acceptable within the guidelines established and followed by the Services for Students with Disabilities office.
  3. Request that the necessary accommodation from Services for Students with Disabilities, the entity on campus that is designated to determine academic accommodations for disabilities.
  4. Give the accommodation letters provided by Services for Students with Disabilities to faculty members in advance of the need for accommodations.
  5. Behave appropriately as outlined in the Campus Code of Conduct for Students.
  6. Comply with all guidelines and timelines designated by the faculty, staff, and administrators unless verified extenuating circumstances occur.