After You Apply

Create your Fresno State email account after receiving your acknowledgement letter to access your information.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ‘Get an account now’ link
  3. Enter your Fresno State student ID number
  4. Create a user ID and password
  5. To check your admission status, go to Click here for help on checking your admission status.
  6. If you need help, you can call our Help Desk at (559) 278-7000
  • It is important that you check your account frequently to receive important updates on your application.
  • Check your To Do List or Holds frequently: 

What Can You Do in Your Student Center?

Check Application Status: (Click here for tips on checking your status)

  1. Select My Admissions Information
  2. Select Application Status

Register for Dog Days:

  1. Select My Admissions Information
  2. Select Dog Days: New Student Orientation

Check Financial Aid Status:

  1. Select My Finances (Financial Obligations and Financial Aid)
  2. Select Account Inquiry or View Financial Aid