This webpage will be updated in the near future to reflect planning for the fall 2020 semester. In the meantime, if you have questions related to Outreach and Special Programs, please contact Martina Granados, martinag@csufresno.edu, 559.278.5374. For questions related to early outreach events and campus tours, please contact Angie Iribe, angiemiribe@csufresno.edu, 559.278.2923. For questions related to the African American Initiative, please contact Wendy Nelson, wendyw@csufresno.edu, 559.278.2038. For questions related to the Native American Initiative, please contact Amber Esquivel, esquivelamber@csufresno.edu, 559.278.4430.



Outreach and Special Programs (OSP) will dedicate its efforts on early outreach, special initiatives, underrepresented groups, and diversity.  OSP will encourage and create a college going culture through exposure, promotion, and activities by partnering with school districts and community organizations.


Outreach and Special Programs will promote Fresno State as a university that provides educational programs for student success, transforming students and improving the quality of life in the region and beyond.



  1. Outreach and Special Programs will advocate for students and families, promoting access and exposure to higher education to bolster student success. 
  2. Outreach and Special Programs will strive to promote higher education and early preparation to students and families.
  3. Through collaboration, Outreach and Special Programs will make every effort to join forces with organizations both on and off campus to increase opportunities and awareness to students and families.
  4. Outreach and Special Programs will utilize campus and community resources for students to be successful and reach their highest potential from early interest to full matriculation to the university.
  5. Outreach and Special Programs will partner with schools and the community to assist students in their application process and follow up with students to ensure all necessary steps are taken to foster student success.
  6. Outreach and Special programs will create special initiatives and collaborate with federal and state programs to create extraordinary efforts to reach out to underrepresented students.