This webpage will be updated in the near future to reflect planning for the spring 2021 semester. In the meantime, if you have questions related to the African American Initiative, please contact Wendy Nelson, wendyw@csufresno.edu, 559.278.2038.  

Welcome to the African American Initiative (AAI)!

Welcome to our AAI page! We are here to serve you! Our goal is to help any and every student by empowering them and providing the tools they need in order to apply for college and be successful. Be on the lookout for events throughout the year. We are working diligently in the community to provide the best resources for students. Please take a moment to look through our page!

AAI collaborates year round with the  African American faith based community,  surrounding school districts, community centers, non-profits, and more!  AAI continues to increase its territories and welcomes the opportunity to take part in your organized event.


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The African American Initiative will devote its efforts on outreaching to African American students in bridging the gap between the youth and college life by building a community among students, faculty, staff, families, and community partners through academic support, networking, and mentoring. The African American Initiative strives to increase the outreach to students and families in the community, help prepare more college-ready students, increase the enrollment of African American students on campus and increase the graduation rates among African American students for undergraduate level and beyond.


To inform and instill hope to African American students and families of the educational opportunities and resources that are available to them.

Upcoming Spring 2021 Events and Community Partner's Collaborations


2021 Super Sunday STD


To sign up to be a Keynote Speaker register here: https://csufresno-fwkfm.formstack.com/forms/2021_super_sunday_keynotespeakerregistration 


STD BSU 2021 Conference

Stay Tuned for more events below! 

Here are the signature events that AAI coordinates and supports:

Super Saturday: African American College and Career Summit

The African American Initiative (AAI) will be collaborating with various school districts for the CSU Fresno Super Saturday. Super Saturday is an African American College and Career Fair for Middle School, High School, Community College students. Community members are also encouraged and welcome to attend this mega event. Stay tuned for more information. 

Super Sunday

Super Sunday is a CSU program to connect with and inform African American students and their families about what it takes to get into college and higher education.

On a Sunday in February, CSU leaders including the chancellor, trustees, presidents, and other higher education ambassadors will speak at various churches in our community and across the state to share information with students, parents, and community members about preparing for college, applying to a CSU campus, and financial aid.

Super Saturday College Academies

Super Saturday College Academies are monthly 2 1/2 hour college readiness sessions that will target Middle School, High School, and parents regarding various topics that will better equip them as they prepare for college and beyond.  The various Super Saturday sessions will be hosted at various African American churches and community centers during the Fall and Spring academic year.

Summer Algebra Institute 

The Summer Algebra Institute is a 4-6 week math enrichment summer program for 8th-12th grade students. The program is designed to help improve their knowledge and skills in mathematics and quantitative reasoning. Churches and or community partners that are interested in being a site for the institute can contact Wendy Nelson at (559) 278.2038. Due to COVID-19 the Summer Algebra Institute has been cancelled. The CSU's Chancellor's Office will be assessing for Summer 2021 engagement. Stay tuned for updates from AAI.


Student Services Program Spotlight:

Office of Black Student Success

*Currently enrolled Fresno State Students.

Fresno State Upward Bound Programs 

*Currently enrolled high school students from participating schools.


Why are Student Services Program important?

Comprehensive and coordinated student support services are critically important for the social, emotional and character development of students and the development of learning climates that are conducive to student achievement of high academic standards. Student support services foster positive relationships among educators and students, thereby increasing students’ attachment to school, and serve as an essential link between students and, their families and school resources and community-based health and social services.  Student Services programs foster the following: 

  • environmental adaptations
  • accommodations
  • natural supports
  • mentoring