Tutoring Schedule



Have a great summer!

We will not offer tutoring services during the summer but you can connect with us and get support on your summer courses in the following ways.

  • You can use our Zoom link to talk about the services for the fall semester or job opportunities.
  • Ask A Tutor CANVAS discussion now on Discord
  • Check our Tutors' Google Site which houses curated and created content that is helpful for you.

See what virtual tutoring looks like in 1 Minute! 

Meet the Tutors


Tutors have compiled resources that will help you with the courses they cover. Click on the link and subscribe to the blog to get access to content tutors feel will help you along your learning journey. Tutors will often encourage a live experience over a digital one when they post because the dynamics of learning are not fixed.  


About Tutoring

Tutoring is studying made simple. In the basement floor of the library at Fresno State we offer you support in subjects ranging from Accounting to writing. Set your own agenda to learn at your pace and complete assignments. Click each tab on the left to see when a tutor is available.


Additional Tutoring on Campus

Besides the Learning Center, Fresno State students can utilize other resources on campus.

Community Tutoring

Although the Learning Center currently does not offer tutoring to non-Fresno State students, some of our tutors are available for private tutoring, and there is a ton of free online options, as well as private tutoring businesses in the area.

Tutor Training

Get more information about tutor training and training topics.

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