Nice To Meet You!


Mazie Moua

"I am passionate about helping students reach their goals and connecting students to opportunities and resources that can help them grow individually and professionally." -SupportNet Coordinator  

Jamaal Washington

"I love working in higher education because of how it connects me to students, their unique journey, and the purpose I find in serving and empowering others through education." -Student Success Advisor

Gladis Villalpando

"I enjoy helping students gain a strong sense of belonging on campus and feel empowered to achieve their goals!" -Student Success Advisor          

Sandra Arevalo

"I value the connections made with others to encourage hope and resiliency and collective agency in academics and beyond." -Academic Coach    

Prabhjot Kaur

"I enjoy working with students as I get to help  and see them grow both academically and personally." -Academic Coach

Xiong Vang

"I find fulfillment in helping students see their own potential. I want to instill hope into students and help students find their own way to their success." -Academic Coach

Kassandra Lopez

"I love all things college! My students and their success are my biggest motivators." -Academic Coach

Chan Kay

"I find it exciting to work with students and to listen to their stories as they progress through their academic journey." -Academic Coach