Student Cupboard Hours

The Student Cupboard is a free food and hygiene pantry for current Fresno State students. 

The Student Cupboard is currently operating on winter hours from January 4 through January 15. After that we will return to normal semester operating hours. 

Before coming to campus and the Student Cupboard, please be sure to complete the Daily Health Screening. Upon receiving a green check mark, please show this to a public safety officer at one of the checkpoints to receive a sticker approving you to be on campus for that day. Don't forget to wear your face mask or face covering that covers both your mouth and nose when you come to campus.

How it Works

Steps 1, 2, 3Step 1:

When you come into the Student Cupboard, show your Fresno State ID card at the front door and let us know how many people you're sharing with.

Step 2: 
We will provide you with a pre-packaged box of items. 

Step 3: 
Select any extra items that we have available to you and we will bag them for you. 

If you are not able to make it to the Student Cupboard to pick up food, you can contact our partners with Groceries2Go for a delivery of items. 

Where is the Student Cupboard Located?

Student Cupboard location

The Student Cupboard is located in Industrial Technology, room 144. We are on the corner of Barstow and Jackson. Parking is available in P20 across the street from the Student Cupboard with a semester parking permit, or in P21 at the meters. The meters accept coin as well as credit card. 

If you're dropping off a donation, please call the Student Cupboard at 559.278.6621 and someone can meet you in the back of the building to collect your donation so you don't have to pay to park.

If you're a non-student volunteering and in need of a parking permit, please contact the Student Cupboard before coming in.

How many students use the Student Cupboard?

If you're curious about how many students have visited the Student Cupboard, when our busiest months are, or how many visits we have each year, you can visit our Student Cupboard Dashboard

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What if I cannot make it to the Student Cupboard?

We understand that not all students are able to make it to the Student Cupboard right now because they are not in the area. Here are a few different resources that are available to you: