Terms of Agreement

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All awards certified by Fresno State are subject to the following conditions:

1. Financial aid recipients are responsible for keeping the Financial Aid Office informed of changes in academic status, name, social security number, or I.D. number.

2. Financial aid recipients must notify the Financial Aid Office of all resources not previously reported and not included on their award. Examples: Scholarships, Rehabilitation Benefits, Fee Waivers and other educational benefits/allowances.
Students are responsible for all over awards and repayment may be required.

3. Cost of Attendance will be based on living arrangements and units enrolled as of the census date listed in the Schedule of Courses.

4. Students who receive or wish to receive financial aid must comply with all requests for documentation.

5. For financial aid purposes, the period of enrollment is defined as the first official day of instruction through the last day of finals.

6. Financial aid funding is limited to one educational institution per term.

7. Financial aid awards are subject to the availability of funds.  Approval for reinstatement of your award does not guarantee the same funds offered in the original award.

8. Admission to the University and into a degree/credential program is required before a financial aid offer is made.  Your admission status must be finalized prior to disbursement of funds.

9. Students who meet graduation requirements at the end of any term must notify the Financial Aid Office.

10. Financial aid enrollment levels are defined as:

Full time: 12 units (8 units of 200 series)
Three-quarter time: 9-11 units (6 units of 200 series)
Half-time: 6-8 units (4 units of 200 series)
Less than half-time: 1-5 units (limited funding)

11. Satisfactory Academic Progress: Financial aid eligibility limits and completion rates are governed by the Code of Federal Regulations.
Refer to the Satisfactory Progress Policy for additional information.

12. Financial aid recipients must notify the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping below funded units.

a. Recipients who drop units on or prior to census date, which is listed in the Schedule of Courses, will have their aid recalculated at this level of enrollment .
Repayment of aid may be required.

13. According to the Return of Title IV Refund regulations financial aid recipients who completely withdraw:

a. may be required to repay some or all of the financial received


b. may be subject to a calculation for a post-withdrawal disbursement.
Refer to the Withdrawal Policy

14. Academically disqualified students are subject to cancellation of their financial aid award.
Repayment of aid may be required.

15. If a disbursement includes Teach Grant, Perkins, Nursing, or Federal Direct Loan funds and you wish to cancel all or a portion of these funds, you must provide Student Financial Services with a cancellation request no later than 14 days from the date of the disbursement.

16. Recipients of Federal Perkins Loans or Nursing Student Loans at California State University, Fresno are required to inform the Student Loan Collections Office when leaving the institution or when dropping below half time enrollment
(Phone # 559-278-2876).

17. Financial aid recipients may petition when special circumstances exist.

18. Beginning with the fall 2013 semester, Fresno State has partnered with Higher One to deliver refunds to students. Please follow the link to learn more about the switch and what you can do to prepare.

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