California State University, Fresno
Emergency Loan Application Instructions, Terms, & Conditions

Please read instructions before completing the Emergency Loan Application!

Emergency Loan Instructions and Application

Submit your completed application to the loan counselor in Joyal Administration Building, Rm 152.


The purpose of the Short-Term Loan Program is to assist with unanticipated Educational expenses. This is a semester loan which must be paid back by the end of the current semester or the date on your contract if earlier.

Availability of Funds:

Loan applications are available beginning the first day of instruction of each semester. Loans are not given after November 24th in the Fall Semester and April 24th in the Spring Semester. At this time we do not offer loans for Summer Semesters.

Application Instructions:

  1. Complete the Emergency Loan Application in full.
  2. Present a valid Fresno State Student ID to the loan counselor.
  3. Have one of the following verifiable resources to repay the loan:
    • A pending Financial Aid award for current semester (still waiting on your financial award) or
    • Verification of employment (3 months of pay check stubs or a letter, on LETTERHEAD, from your employer verifying your work hours and rate of pay).


  1. You may request the amount necessary to meet your financial needs up to a maximum of:
    • $600.00 for awarded Financial Aid Students who have not yet received their financial aid awards
    • $400.00 for students using employment to repay the loan
  2. The loan must be repaid by the due date on the contract.
  3. Payments may be made prior to the due date.  There is no prepayment penalty.
  4. Monthly payments are accepted.  The final payment must be paid no later than the due date.
  5. The interest rate is 12% per annum (1% per month).

Loan Eligibility Includes:

  1. You must be at least a half-time student in the regular California State University, Fresno program.
  2. You must have sufficient verifiable resources to repay the loan.
  3. You do not have an outstanding Short-Term Loan, a negative Emergency Loan repayment history, or a dishonored check history with the University or Foundation Offices.
  4. You are limited to one loan per semester.
  5. You do not have an outstanding debt to the University.


Denied applications may be reconsidered through a committee consisting of representatives from various offices providing student services.


  1. If the loan is not deducted from your Financial Aid award, it must be paid to the cashiers in the Joyal Administration Building on or before the due date.

Delinquency Can Result In:

  1. A hold being placed on your University records.
  2. Ineligibility for future loans.
  3. A negative credit history being reported to the credit reporting agencies.
  4. Legal and collection activity.  All collection and litigation expenses are the responsibility of the borrower.

Processing Time:

  1. Application review hours: 8:00 –11:30 AM and 1:00 – 4:00 PM
  2. Checks are normally available after 3:00 PM two business days following approval of your application.  A California State University, Fresno Student ID must be presented to the California State University Foundation Office to claim your check.

    California State University Foundation Office
    4910 N. Chestnut
    Fresno, CA 93726-1852