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Hotels & Accommodations

Orientation can be a long day and wear you out. If you traveling a ways, you may want to consider staying overnight. You can explore the community further by attending a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game or a Save Mart Center concert. Whatever your reason for staying you will need a convenient place to stay at. There are many options to stay in Fresno. If you want a different experience you can stay in the dorms!

Families interested in staying in the dorms can fill out the form at this link. Keep in mind, if your student is attending the Dog Days Freshmen Overnight program as a part of their Dog Days Orientation they will be staying in a different residence hall, totally separate from any family who choose to stay in the University Courtyard. The Dog Days Freshmen Overnight program does NOT provide housing or meals for any family members, only the student in attendance. 

To find out more download this form and submit to the University Courtyard.

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The University Courtyard, referred to as the dorms, has an option for both students and their parents and guests to stay in the dorms instead of a hotel. Get the authentic residence life experience and see what the dorms are really like. If you're interested you can download the form below when the registration system opens on March 15th.

Freshmen students taking part in the Dog Days Overnight program will have their room reserved through the Dog Days program as a part of their Dog Days reservation. Parents and family members choosing to stay at the University Courtyard will stay in separate buildings and are not active participants in the Dog Days Overnight Program.