This webpage will be updated in the near future to reflect planning for the fall 2020 semester. In the meantime, if you have questions related to Outreach and Special Programs, please contact Martina Granados, martinag@csufresno.edu, 559.278.5374.


Know Your Rights

Learn about the rights you and your family have as residents or non-residents in California: Know Your Rights /Raids Resource List

BIA Accredited Organizations

The following Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Organizations provides services in the Fresno area:

     814 North Van Ness Avenue
     Fresno, CA 95728

     2115 Kern St Suite #1
     Fresno, CA 93721

     302 Fresno Street Suite #102
     Fresno, CA 93706

     4290 E. Ashlan Ave
     Fresno, CA 93726

     2409 Merced St Suite #103
     Fresno, CA 93721