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Order Caps, Gowns, Tassels and Hoods

Order your cap, gown, tassel and hood at the Kennel Bookstore. Orders only accepted in person or by credit card over the phone (559) 278-4268.

2019 Cost:

Undergraduate Regalia Cap, gown and tassel


($35.00+ $2.79 tax)

Graduate Regalia Cap, gown, tassel and hood


($72.00 + $5.74 tax)

Optional item: Class of 2019 Sash
 Class of 2019 Sash

$34.99 + tax

Limited supply

(Regalia not included)


How to Wear Your Regalia

Cap and Gown

The GOWN should be mid-calf in length.

The CAP or Tam is worn squarely on the head with the point in the middle of the forehead. The tassel is worn on the right side of the mortarboard until the president officially and formally confers the degree. The tassel is then moved from the right side to the left side of the mortarboard. Following the tradition, men should remove their caps during the national anthem. Women are also welcome to remove their caps, but etiquette does not require that they do so.

HONOR REGALIA: Contact your specific honors office/department for additional information regarding regalia details.  

Master’s Degree Hoods

The neck and the long U-shaped rear draping over the back. The front of the hood should rest comfortably below the chin and over the shoulders. The front loop can be secured to your gown zipper to keep the hood in place.

Master’s degree students will have their hood placed around their shoulders (called hooding), by their thesis or project chair during their department/school/college event. Once bestowed upon you at your School/College event, you may wear your hood with your cap and gown to the Commencement Ceremony.

Doctoral Degree Hoods

Doctoral graduates will be hooded by their dissertation chair at your School/College ceremony. Please bring your hood with you and give it to your dissertation chair prior to the processional.

History of Academic Regalia

The pageantry of commencement has its roots in medieval times, dating to the early tradition of Europe's first universities. Origins of academic attire are obscured in history, but it is likely that the scholar's distinctive dress was based on modifications of ecclesiastical costumes of the times. In 1895, the United States set for its universities a uniform academic costume code, which is reflected in most of the regalia worn today.

The cap, the hood and the robe are the visual components of the academic costume. The mortarboard, as we see it now, comes from joining the elements of a square bonnet and a skull cap.

Gown designs, trimmings and colors represent the levels and disciplines of various academic degrees.

How to Wear Your Academic Regalia 

If you are unsure on how to wear your academic regalia or what to wear for the ceremonies, click the links to check out the videos below. 

Tips on what to wear on your ceremony day

How to wear your Bachelor regalia 

How to wear your Masters regalia 

How to wear your Doctoral regalia


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