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Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Fresno State strives to create and sustain a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community. 

Under California state law, students, staff, faculty, and campus guests may use the restroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity. If students, staff, faculty, and/or campus guests have any concerns about this law, you may contact or

For more information on your rights, click here

Reporting Incidents

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member who has had a negative experience using an all-gender restroom on campus, please contact or Your safety and comfort are very important to us, and we want to support you as much as possible. By reporting to us we can have a better understanding of our campus climate, as well as share options with you on steps you can take to report this incident should you choose to. 

If you wish to remain anonymous, feel free to fill out our Google form

All-Gender Map

Download the PDF version of the map

gender inclusive restrooms

Restroom Location Type of Restroom Status
Conley Art (2) Floor to Ceiling Multi-Stall OPEN
Frank A. Thomas (1)- In Career Development Center Single Stall OPEN
Speech Arts (1)- *Not ADA Accessible Single Stall OPEN
Music (1)- Old Building, by room 185 Single Stall OPEN
Keats (1) Single Stall CLOSED
The Bucket (2) Single Stall OPEN
University Center (1)- In 125-127, Outreach & Special Programming Single Stall OPEN
Professional Human Services (1)-West, 2nd Floor, In room 220 Single Stall CLOSED
Family Food Science (1)- 1st Floor, Northwest Single Stall OPEN
Engineering East (1)- South Entrance, 2nd Floor, Near Middle Stairs Single Stall OPEN
Engineering West (1)- East Side of Building Single Stall CLOSED
Winery (1)- Left Door, Down the Hall, *This restroom is not very accessible and has been reported to be uncomfortable to use. We recommend using the restroom in Viticulture instead. Single Stall OPEN
Viticulture (2)- In V.E. Petrucci Library Single Stall OPEN
Grosse Industrial Technology (1)- North East, 3rd Floor, Take Elevator Near Student Cupboard Single Stall OPEN
Grosse Industrial Technology (1)- North West, 1st Floor, Through Double Doors. Single Stall OPEN
North Gym Annex (2) Single Stall CLOSED
Physical Therapy & Sports Administration- Only accessible with Key Swipe. Single Stall OPEN
Henry Madden Library (1)- West, 3rd Floor, Near Music and Media Resource Room Multi-Stall OPEN
Health Center (1)-In Wellness Resource Area Single Stall OPEN
Science II (1), South East, C Wing, 2nd Floor, Across from Room 267 Single Stall OPEN
Science II (1), South East, C Wing, 3rd Floor, Across from Room 351 Single Stall OPEN