LGBTQ+ Programs and Services

  • queer people of color panel
  • stefan alvidrez
  • QPOC panelists
  • Shai Chang
  • Joury Robles and Perla Ocampo
  • bamby salcedo and LGBTQ staff
  • LGBTQ staff at poetry reading for Orlando FL

Mission Statement

LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning +) programs and services is committed to increasing visibility and awareness of the broad spectrum of identities represented by LGBTQ+. Through activism, education, and community building, we encourage others to recognize the oppression that LGBTQ+ individuals face as a result of heterosexism and homophobia.

Vision Statement

We seek to raise awareness of social misconceptions of sexuality/gender and create a safe space that allows       self-exploration for all LGBTQ+ individuals.