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What should I include in my referral/CARE report?

Tips for Good Reporting:

  • Include specific details to explain why you feel that somebody's actions are unusual, alarming, threatening, etc.

  • Body language / postures

  • Tone / volume of voice

  • Personal space invasions

  • Language used

  • Focus of attention

  • Method of communication

  • Information about the location, layout, or physical environment that is appropriate

  • Provide supporting documentation, when available. This can include such things as e-mails, photographs, audio or video recordings, text messages, social medial screen shots, etc.

  • Document appropriate timelines if this is an on-going issue. When did you first notice the behavior? What has happened over time?

  • Try to avoid using pronouns when possible to avoid confusion (use the person's name)

What happens to the student in the CARE Team process?

CARE Team provides students with respectful and proactive support while offering resources that balance the educational needs of the students with the overall mission of the university.

Will I violate student privacy rights if I contact CARE Team?

No, CARE Team members are Fresno State employees who may share information from student records with other campus employees if there is a “legitimate educational interest.” If safety is at stake, the campus can disclose information as needed to prevent harm.

Can CARE Team  provide training for my unit?

Yes. Contact CARE Team to arrange training tailored to your situation and needs, including coaching on how to respond to disruptive, intimidating, or concerning student behavior. . 

Who/Where should I call after hours?

For on-campus emergency situations after hours, call 911 or University Police at 559.278.8400. Routine referrals can be made through the online form 24 hours a day and are generally responded to during business hours. 

How do I know if a concerning behavior is a CARE Team issue, or is more appropriately handled by other campus resources?

You do not have to make that determination. The most important step is that you report the concerning behavior. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the CARE Team will refer the student and handle the transfer of information. If in doubt, please refer and our case manager will follow up. 

Who is eligible for case management?

Any student attending Fresno State is eligible to receive case management services.

Are case management meetings confidential?

The information shared with the Case Manager does not fall under the same confidentiality levels of a healthcare provider or psychotherapist/counselor.  Every effort is made to protect your privacy and the information discussed will only be shared in the context of assisting the student.  The Case Manager will only share information on a need-to-know basis strictly for the coordination of services. Written releases of information are signed by the student, when necessary.

Where are Case Management services located?

Case management services are located in the Student Health and Counseling Center in the Counseling & Psychological Services area. To schedule an appointment call 559.278.2734