What is CAMP Administrative Support?

Our CAMP Administrative Support team helps our students understand the importance of budgeting their money during their years in college. By providing our CAMP students with budgeting sheets where they can personally fill out and plan out their spending for living, school, and so much more. 

Meet our CAMP Administrative Staff 

Camp Budgeting Resources 

CAMP Student Budget Sheet 

Need help budgeting your money while working with a college budget? Feel Free to download our budget sheet it breaks down your expenses by Academic, Living/ Personal, Transportation expenses and much more. Download Budget Sheet.

Contact Fresno State Finanical Aid

Financial Aid Contact Information:

Phone: 559-278-2182

Email: financialaid@mail.fresnostate.edu

Office is located in North Lobby of the Joyal Administration Building

 Financial Aid Important Dates:

FAFSA application opens for the next school year.  Oct. 1

FAFSA priority deadline for following Fall 20201 semester.

What you’ll need for FAFSA:

  • Social Security Number

  • Income and Federal Tax Information from previous two years

Mar. 2