Club Startup Grant - Manage Your Grant

Congratulations on being approved for new club funding! To receive your official award letter, please visit the ASI Business Office in the USU, room 317. A staff member will review the funding guidelines and award letter with your club representative and answer any questions you have about the funding process. Below you will find the required forms to process your payments.  

New Club Grant Expense Form

Please attach original invoices and receipts to the Club Startup Grant Expense Form. Expense forms must be signed by an authorized club officer and the club advisor then turned into the ASI Business Office in USU 317. The deadline to turn in paperwork is 45 days after the awarded date. 

Amendment Form

If you received new club funding, but need to move amounts between categories (for example, more funding for supplies and less for promotion), please fill out an amendment form. The Vice President of Finance will review your request and, if appropriate, update your grant allocation accordingly. This does not change the total amount of your grant. 

Please refer to the Club Accounts page as the payment process is the same.