Admission Status & Transcripts

Admission communication regarding the status of your application will be sent via email to your Fresno State email account after you have submitted your application. All communications regarding documents or transcripts needed to process your application will be sent via email or will be posted on your My Fresno State Portal

Admission Status: Fresno State provides all applicants with online access to their My Fresno State Portal so that they can view the status of their application for admission. To access your portal, please follow the these steps:

  1. Create Your Fresno State Email : All applicants are required to obtain a free Fresno State email account in order to view their application status through the My Fresno State Portal. Instructions on how how to create you Fresno State email account is emailed to your home email five to ten days after you submit your application.

  2. My Fresno State Portal : Applicants who get a Fresno State email account are given access to their My Fresno State Portal. The student portal is a convenient online self-service that Fresno State students use to manage many online transactions including viewing their application, financial aid status, registration eligibility after admission, and student account information.

  3. Holds and To Do List: To view any items or documents that are missing from your file, click on Holds and To Do List in the student portal. The To Do List will show any items that are needed to complete your application. If we do not receive required documents and your file remains incomplete, you will be sent an email informing you that your application cannot be processed and will be withdrawn.

Transcripts: Before sending transcripts check your To Do list to see what type of transcript we require and when we need it by.Transcripts and other documents needed should be mailed to the following address:

Fresno State Admissions Office
5150 North Maple Avenue, MS JA 57
Fresno, CA 93740-8026.

Many schools offer electronic transcript services.  If your school sends transcripts electronically please choose this option so your transcript can be processed much faster.  Our electronic transcript email is