Bulldog Connect: Open Labs

What Bulldog Connect can do for you?

  • Enhanced Early Alert System to identify at-risk students early in the semester
  • Straightforward Advising Summary Reports
  • Tracking of specific groups (freshman, honor students, special groups, etc.)
  • Track attendance (class, events, workshops, visits, etc.)

Topics to discuss at Open Labs

  • Tracking Class Attendance or Workshop Attendance
  • Creating an Appointment Campaign
  • Group Advising using Appointment Campaigns
  • Filling out Progress Reports
  • Case/Alert Management
  • Powerful Communications Using Bulldog Connect
  • Pulling Reports on Bulldog Connect

Open Labs

Open Labs are "drop-in" so, you can come by anytime between the hours listed below to get one-on-one assistance with Bulldog Connect. No appointments needed. No RSVP. Labs are held in the Henry Madden Library. 

Reminder: Please bring your own device.  

If you need training or have questions please contact Monica Solis to set up a time to meet. 



Can my department/program have one-on-one training on Bulldog Connect?


YES! Please contact Monica Solis to set up a time for your training.