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In the Women’s Studies Program, the development of your passions and intellectual interests come first. Through inventive classes, community engagement, and thoughtful mentoring, the Women’s Studies Program lets you craft an education that fits your personal and career goals. In the classroom, you will learn to develop your own voice in a supportive environment with engaged students. You will graduate with the skills needed to navigate your career and, more importantly, you will graduate empowered to face life’s challenges, ready to make a difference.

GRS Conference Flyer

Building Bridges, Not Borders
The Gender, Race, and Sexuality 
Undergraduate Conference
April 26, 2019
Henry Madden Library
Fresno State

The Gender, Race, and Sexuality Undergraduate Conference examines the intersecting realities of normative violence and everyday resistance in communities across time and place.

Emerging student activist-scholars explore gender, race, and sexuality through topics such as: cultural representation, history, literature, film, social media, politics, and the CSU system.

This consciousness-raising event provides opportunities to learn from emerging scholars and engage in transformative discussions.

Attendees can network with local community organizations and advocates.

We hope to inspire leaders and activists to create a better future.


Aileen Rizo

Keynote Speaker

8:30-9:30 am
Henry Madden Library
RM 2206

We are so excited to have Professor and Director Aileen Rizo be our keynote!

Aileen Rizo is a lifelong learner with master’s degrees in Educational Technology and Mathematics Education. She has spent over 23 years working in mathematics education at all levels striving to close academic achievement gaps, empowering communities to disrupt math anxiety, and promoting groups underrepresented in STEM fields.

In 2012, Aileen began a fight for pay equity and became an advocate for the economic security of women in our state and throughout the country, working with legislators and advocates to pass some of the strongest pay equity bills in the nation. The landmark case decision issued on April 9, 2018 set precedence in the use of prior wages to justify a pay discrepancy.

As a wife and mother of three daughters, Aileen has been a passionate voice for equity, inclusiveness, and promoting diversity. Currently she works as the Associate Director of The AIMS Center for Math and Science, as a graduate math education professor and is also pursuing a PhD in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education.

For more information about Aileen Rizo: 

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