Mark Arvanigian


Office Location
Social Science 121


Office phone: (559) 278-2297

Ph.D. - University of Durham (2001)
BA, MA - California State University, Fresno (1991, 1993)

Research/Teaching interests:

Medieval and early-modern English politics and political culture; landed economy and society; political ideas and their expression; war and finance; aristocratic and gentry cultures; religious and intellectual history of later medieval England.

Select Publications:

Ralph Neville & the Governance of England, 1367-1425 (Book manuscript under contract with Brill).

"Henry V and the North." Reign of Henry V, ed. G. Dodd (Woodbridge [UK], 2012).

"A County Community or the Politics of the Nation? Border Service and Baronial Influence in the Palatinate of Durham, 1377-1413." Historical Research (Journal of the Institute of Historical Research, London), vol. 81: no. 151 (2009), pp. 41-61.

"Managing the North in the Reign of Henry IV, 1402-1408." The Reign of Henry IV: Rebellion and Survival, 1403-1413, ed. D. Biggs and G. Dodd (Woodbridge, 2008).

"Regional Politics, Landed Society and the Coal Industry in North-East England, 1350-1430." Fourteenth Century England, 4 (2006), pp. 175-91.

"The Durham Gentry and the Scottish March, 1370-1400: County Service in Late Medieval England," Northern History, 42: 2 (2005), pp. 259-75.

"'Lancastrianization' of the North in the Reign of Henry IV, 1399-1413," in Reputation and Representation in Later Medieval England, ed. D. Biggs, A.C. Reeves and S. Michalove (Leiden, The Netherlands, 2004), pp. 9-38.

"A Lancastrian Polity? John of Gaunt, John Neville and the War with France, 1368-1388," Fourteenth Century England, 3 (2004), pp. 121-42.

"Henry IV, the Northern Nobility, and the Consolidation of the Regime," in Reign of Henry IV: The Establishment of the Regime, ed. G. Dodd and D.L. Biggs, (Woodbridge, 2003), pp. 117-38.

"Landed Society and the Governance of the North in the Later Middle Ages: The Case of Sir Ralph Eure," Medieval Prosopography, 22 (2001), pp. 65-87.

“Regional Society and National Politics: The Rise of the Lancastrian North,” Regions and Regionalism: Essays in Honour of A.J. Pollard, ed. Peter Fleming (Boydell & Brewer, 2016).

“Richard II, the Beauforts and the Political Crisis of 1397,” awaiting ed. decision, Historical Research (IHR, London).

“Public Life, Private Power, and the Origins of a Distinct Lancastrian Political Culture,” article in revision for Fourteenth-Century England (VIII), 2016


Courses Offered:


  • History 1 Western Civilization to 1688
  • History 2 Western Civilization since 1688
  • History 11 U.S. History to 1877
  • History 12 U.S. History since 1877
  • History 100 Historical Methods and Writing
  • History 121 Europe in the Middle Ages
  • History 122 Medieval Culture
  • History 124T Medieval History in Film
  • History 124T Later Medeival English Culture and Society
  • History 124 British History through Literature and Film
  • History 125 Europe in the Renaissance
  • History 126 Reformation Europe
  • History 149T Great Figures from the British Past
  • History 149T Great Figures in European History
  • History 149T England from Chaucer to Shakespeare
  • History 150 England to 1485
  • History 151 England and Empire
  • History 192 Readings in Medieval History


  • History 200 Historiography -- Medieval and Early-modern historians, writers, and traditions.
  • History 200A Ancient and Medieval Historiography
  • History 220T The Hundred Years' War
  • History 220T France, England and the making of the State
  • History 220T Tudor England
  • History 220T English Political Society in the Later Middle Ages
  • History 230 Late Antiquity: Rome, Byzantium, and the West
  • History 235 Shakespeare's Kings: England in the Age of Richard II and Henry IV
  • History 235 France and England in the Later Middle Ages
  • History 235 England under the Three Edwards
  • History 290 Research and Readings in Medieval History

Teaching in the Honors College, CSU, Fresno:

  • Humanities 10H Honors Introduction to Ancient and Medieval
  • Humanities Honors 101 Emerging Voices after Colonialism: Revolution in Theory, Revolution in Practice

Work In Progress:

I am finishing a project on the dukes of Lancaster and the political culture they nurtured, and am writing a book-length manuscript on politics and landed society in the north of England for Brill. I am also starting work on a book-length study of kingship, nobility and the political culture of England in the late middle ages.