Former Faculty and Staff

Paul J Bohannan
Former Faculty
Interests: Social anthropology, modern American studies, psychoanalysis, communications
Region: Africa

Thomas Bowen
Interests: Ethnology, archaeology

Shien-Min Jen
Interests: Cultural anthropology, behavioral anthropology, folk medicine
Region: East Asian, Southeast Asia

Ellen Gruenbaum
Interests: Gender, anthropology of health, culture, Islam and women, anthropology of religion
Region: Sudan
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Mary A Ludwig
Interests: Complex societies, ethnicity, religion and ideology, method and theory, European prehistory
Region: Europe and North America

Geri Morales
Former Administrative Assistant

Sydney R Story
Interests: Comparative religion, anthropology of women, history and theory of anthropology, language and culture

Dirk H van der Elst
Interests: Psychological anthropology, organization and inequality, warfare, Maroons