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Aug. 28 – Dec. 8, 2017

Posted on: 01/16/18

The ability to connect with a diverse group of students and try to meet their needs.

Recruit excellent students.

Signal its support to students.

Encourage critical teaching and thinking among its students and faculty.

I have been a Fresno State student for four years now and I commend the hands on learning experiences I get outside of the classroom on a daily basis. In my time here I have learned and gained so many new skills.

Take care of those who look to pursue their goals, no matter of race, religion or background.

Educating students and embracing diversity!

My Professors are awesome, they are all very invested in each of their students and work great one on one I am so glad I chose Fresno State to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Provide opportunities for a diverse variety of students.

It hires dedicated faculty members who are devoted to the success of their students.

Fresno State has many strong programs in place to support its students. The Career Center provides professional attire for students--I've never seen or heard of any other institutions having such program in place to support their students. The Student Cupboard has helped me with both lunch and dinner. Sometimes, as I am rushing out to class, I don't have time to make/grab lunch, so it's really nice to have a Cupboard on campus. Whatever I cannot munch on for lunch, I save for dinner.

I love Fresno State. Being able to get from one side of campus to the other side in ten minutes is great! The professors I have had are nice and passionate about the subject they are teaching.

A good sense of community.

Representing and attending to the needs of a diverse student body from a diverse region of the state.