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February 1 – March 20, 2018

Posted on: 04/30/18

Thank you for a terrific speech this morning. Fresno State is a great University for the reasons you have outline! I particularly appreciate how our community rallies time and time again to provide what's needed to help the people of our community, so many people are so committed to addressing the needs of our diverse and socio economically challenged community. You and the University are leading and inspiring all of us who are listening to do more to help improve our community.

Fresno State does a good job of trying to be inclusive of individuals from different ethnic, demographic and religious backgrounds.

I would like to thank SSD for their amazing work. The staff are so dedicated, not just in providing essential and support services, but also in advocating across campus for our students. The office is also always so festive and welcoming.

University Catering does an amazing job! Their food quality and selection is great. They always show up on time and their presentation of food is fantastic. Great job!!

What does Fresno State do best? Apparently not much with all the complaints. It is human nature to complain that is what we do best.

The campus is really nice, has a lot of greenery which is great.

Resources to empower marginalized students of color. Programs such as Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) have been instrumental to give voice to so many students. I am one of them. They accepted me into the CSU system even though I had only a 2.5 GPA in high school. The Summer Bridge program prepared me with fundamentals to navigate the college life.

Thanks to EOP accepting me my first year I completed my bachelors, worked 18 years as public school teacher, returned for my masters and this semester I will complete my doctorate in education leadership.

Fresno State does this best, having programs like EOP to give voice to so many students of color who are systematically oppressed. Thank you Fresno State for providing access to first generation college students from our San Joaquin Valley.

I am so proud of how far Fresno State has come with solving certain issues! The campus feels safer with all the emergency zones, well-lit areas, and plenty of security. The health department and pharmacy is renovated and well-organized. The shuttle really improves parking troubles.

I love that Fresno State values its students rights and is quick to address any issues regardless of personal opinion and political view. Students have a voice, Fresno State protects and facilitates that right.

President Castro your willingness to listen and be fair on things that need attention to.

Supports diversity and keeps friendly and peaceful atmosphere on campus.