Clinics and Rehabilitation Sites

The Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program offers confidential counseling sessions to individuals who are seeking help for personal concerns.

The counseling centers below particularly seek to serve clients with chronic health impairments, emotional, developmental, and/or physical disabilities, including substance abuse and learning disabilities. Low-income clients may receive free counseling services by contacting the counseling centers directly.

Students gain first-hand counseling experience while applying hours toward their courses.

T.A.R.G.E.T.: Assists qualified students with documented physical, communicative, psychological, or learning disabilities succeed in select college classes while receiving individualized counseling and academic tutoring sessions.

Ticket to Work ProgramA Social Security Administration program to assist people who are receiving social security because of a disability, return to work and get off social security.

Workability IVProvides services to Fresno State students in the Department of Rehabilitation during their final years of academic study (or have graduated within the last year). The intent of these services is to prepare and assist these individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment after graduation.

WayfindersAn inclusive postsecondary independent living program with vocational, campus and community inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities ages 18 – 28 years. 

Rehabilitation Sites