Faculty Directory


Abramson, Shareen

Shareen Abramson

Office: Education Building, Rm 373
Phone: 559.278.1230

Aguilera, Earl

Dr. Earl Aguilera
Office: Education Building, Rm233
Phone: 559.278.0236
E-mail: eaguilera@csufresno.edu

Akhavan, Nancy

Dr. Nancy Akhavan
Office: Education Building, Rm443
Phone: 559.278.0345
E-mail: nakhavan@csufresno.edu

Alamillo, Laura

Laura Alamillo
Office: Education Building, Rm 210
Phone: 559.278.0210
Email: lalamillo@csufresno.edu
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Areas of Expertise:
Bilingual Education Methods, Theory and Pedagogy
The Education of Emergent Bilingual Children
English Language Development, Qualitative Research Methods, Ethnographic Methods

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Basurto, Imelda

Imelda Basurto

Office: Education Building, Rm263
Phone: 559.278.0285
E-mail: ibasurto@csufresno.edu

Becton, Alicia

Alicia Becton
Office: Education Building, Rm 345
Phone: 559.278.0433
Email: abecton@csufresno.edu

Behrend, Jean

Jeanie Behrend
Office: Education Building, Rm 231
Phone: 559.278.0235
Email: jeanb@csufresno.edu

Bennett, Lisa

Dr. Lisa Bennett

Office: Education Building, Rm 265
Phone: 559.278.0243
Email: lbennett@csufresno.edu
Ph.D. Education
M.A. Education
Multiple Subject Credential
B.A. Humanities

Areas of Expertise:
Literacy, Inquiry/Action Research, Reflective Practice, Qualitative Research Methods

Benninga, Jacques S.

Jacques Benninga
Director, Bonner Center for Character Education and Citizenship

Office: Education Building, Rm 373
Phone: 559.278.0253
Email: jackb@csufresno.edu

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction; Minor in Developmental Psychology, George Peabody College for Teachers (now of Vanderbilt University), Nashville, TN, 1976.
M.A., Early Childhood Education, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, TN, 1973
B.A., Early Childhood Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC, 1972.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1967-70.

Website: www.fresnostate.edu/bonnercenter

Areas of Expertise:
Character Education, Moral Education, Early Childhood Education

Biacindo, Kathryn

Office: Education Building, Rm 250
Phone: 559.278.0250
Email: kbiacindo@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Learning, Cognition, and Development
Educational Statistics and Measurement
Psycholinguistics (Reading and ESL)
Life Span Development
Karst and Hydrology Research

Billen, Monica

Monica Billen
Office: Education Building, Rm 259
Phone: 559.278.0267
E-mail: mbillen@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. in Education, emphasis in Literacy Studies
M.A. in Teacher Education
B.S. in Elementary Education

Areas of Expertise:
Early literacy, literacy teaching, reading and writing instruction, teacher preparation, pre-service teacher development, teacher reflection, technology and social media in teacher preparation, photographic reflections, qualitative research methodologies, photo analysis

Bohlin, Carol Fry

Carol Fry Bohlin
Office: Education Building, Rm 234
Phone: 559.278.0237
Email: carolb@csufresno.edu

B.A. The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.H.D.L. The University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematics education; professional development for math teachers; educational neuroscience; mathematics learning and teaching styles.

Professor, Mathematics Education

Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative(MSTI)
Director (2007-Present)
California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (CAMTE)
President (2004-2006)
California Online Mathematics Education Times (COMET)
Editor (2000-Present)
CSU Mathematics Education Resource Center (CSU MERC)
Director (2000-Present)
NCTM News Bulletin: Assessment Issues Column
Editor (2003-2004)
San Joaquin Valley Mathematics Project (SJVMP)
Principal Investigator (1990-Present)
Strategies for Teacher Excellence Promoting Student Success (STEPSS)
Co-Principal Investigator and Coordinator, Master's Cohort:
K-8 Mathematics (1998-2005)

Bohlin, Roy M.

Roy Bohlin
Co-Director, Teaching and Leading for Educational Needs with Technology (TALENT) Project

Office: Education Building, Rm 250
Phone: 559.278.0245
Email: royb@csufresno.edu
PhD in Educational Technology

Areas of Expertise:
Interaction of technology, instruction, with anxiety, confidence, attitudes, self-efficacy, and attributions
Instructional Motivation

Boris, Virginia

Virginia Boris
Office: Education Building, Rm 499
Phone: 559.278.0715
Email: vboris@csufresno.edu

Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley
Master of Arts, Fresno Pacific University
Ed.D., University of San Francisco

Areas of Expertise:
Pre-K - 12 Administration and Leadership
Pre-K - 12 Curriculum and Instruction
Pre-K - 12 Aligned Systems for Student Achievement
Executive Coaching
Developing Teacher Leaders
Pre-K - 12 Team Building:  Building Internal Coherence for Instructional Improvement

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Castillo, Yuleinys

Dr. Yuleinys Castillo
Office: Education Building, Rm465
Phone: 559.278.0070
E-mail: yacastillo@mail.fresnostate.edu

Chen, Feiyan

Feiyan Chen
Office: Education Building, Rm 267
Phone: 559.278.0222
E-mail: fchen@csufresno.edu

Doctor of Philosophy (Early Childhood Education)
Master of Education (Early Childhood)
Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood)

Areas of Expertise:
Early childhood education and development
Social-emotional development
Cultural-historical theory
Visual methodology

Cole, Kim

Dr. Kim Cole
Office: Education Building, Rm 367
Phone: 559.278.0474
Email: kimcole@csufresno.edu

Coy, Kimberly

Kimberly Coy
Office: Education Building, Rm 357
Phone: 559.278.0724
E-mail: kcoy@csufresno.edu

B.A. University of Washington
M.A.T. Goucher College
Ph. D. Washington State University

Areas of Expertise:
Special Education, Mild to Moderate Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, Research into Online or Digital Learning

Crane, Jeff

Jeff Crane
Office: Education Building, Rm 457
Phone: 559.278.0363
Email: jcrane@csufresno.edu

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De Walt, Patrick

Patrick DeWalt
Office: Education Building, Rm 261
Phone: 559.278.0268
Email: pdewalt@csufresno.edu

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Garcia, Juan C.

Juan Garcia

Office: Education Building, Rm481
Phone: 559.278.0287
Email: juang@csufresno.edu

Garnett, William

William Garnett
Office: Education Building, Rm 341
Phone: 559.278.0448
E-mail: wgarnett@csufresno.edu

Goff, Maria Hernandez

Dr. Maria Hernandez Goff
Office: Education Building, Rm 347
Phone: 559.278.0327
E-mail: mgoff@mail.fresnostate.edu

Gonzalez, Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Office: Education Building, Rm371
Phone: 559.278.9001
Email: jcg@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Latina/o Critical Theory (LatCrit) in Education; Visual Ethnography and Qualitative Research Methods; Educational Policy and History; Multicultural and Latino Educational Issues; Academic Socialization of Doctoral Students and Faculty

Greaves, Mandy

Dr. Mandy Greaves
Office: Education Building, Rm335
Phone: 559.278.0381
E-mail: mgreaves@csufresno.edu

Griffin, Dominiqua

Dr. Dominiqua Griffin
Office: Education Building, Rm441
Phone: 559.278.0383
E-mail: dmg31@csufresno.edu

Guzman, Lynette

Dr. Lynette Guzman
Office: Education Building, Rm255
Phone: 559.278.0328
E-mail: ldguzman@mail.fresnostate.edu

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Hannigan, Jessica

Dr. Jessica Hannigan
Office: Education Building, Rm 363
Phone: 559.278.0456
E-mail: jhannigan@mail.fresnostate.edu

Hart, Steven

Steve Hart
Office: Education Building, Rm247
Phone: 559.278.0319
E-mail: smhart@csufresno.edu

BS Elementary Education, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania
MA Reading, Language & Literacy Development, College of William & Mary, Virginia
PhD Reading Education, University of South Florida

Areas of Expertise:
Adolescent Literacy
Critical Literacy
Service-Learning Pedagogy

Hauser, Linda

Linda Hauser
Office: Education Building, Rm 355
Phone: 559.278.0350
Email: lhauser@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Leadership Systems research; transformational change; performance excellence; school leadership; organization development.

Hernandez, Ignacio

Ignacio Hernandez

Office: Education Building, Rm 397
Phone: 559.278.0166
Email: ihernandez@csufresno.edu

AA in Liberal Arts from Mount San Antonio College
BS in Mathematics from CSU Long Beach
MS in Counseling-Student Development in Higher Education from CSU Long Beach
PhD in Education from Iowa State University

Areas of Expertise:
Community college and university administration and leadership, student affairs, assessment in higher education, Hispanic-serving institutions

Hernandez, Susana

Susana Hernandez

Office: Education Building, Rm 310
Phone: 559.278.0320
Email: suhernandez@csufresno.edu

B.A. Political Science - University of California, Irvine
B.A. Sociology - University of California, Irvine
M.S. Counseling, Student Development in Higher Education - California State University, Long Beach
Ph.D. Education, Higher Education Administration - Iowa State University

Areas of Expertise:
Latino educational opportunity
Immigration and education
Hispanic Serving Institutions
Critical policy analysis

Herrera, Luz

Dr. Luz Herrera
Office: Education Building, Rm 249
Phone: 559.278.0019
E-mail: lherrera@mail.fresnostate.edu

Horsley, Heather

Dr. Heather Horsley
Office: Education Building, Rm 353
Phone: 559.278.0119
E-mail: hhorsley@mail.fresnostate.edu

Huerta, Teresa

Teresa Huerta

Office: Education Building, Rm253
Phone: 559.278.0364
E-mail: thuerta@csufresno.edu
Curriculum Vita

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Juarez, Sara Werner

Sara Werner Juarez
Office: Education Building, Rm 339
Phone: 559.278.0307
E-mail: swerner@csufresno.edu

PhD in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education
MS in Special Education
Level II Credential, Moderate/Severe
BA in Behavioral Science

Areas of Expertise:
Methods in teacher preparation
Implementing evidence-based practices for students with moderate/severe disabilities
Evidence-based classroom and behavior management
Differentiated instruction

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Lee, Song

Song Lee
Office: Education Building, Rm350
Phone: 559.278.0340
Email: malee@csufresno.edu

Lomeli, Jose


Office: Education Building, Rm251
Phone: (559) 278-0361
Email: josel@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development for youth through Experiential Education; Group Dynamics for Staff Development; Instructional Methodology; Pre-Service Teacher Delivery Models; Migrant Education; Culturally Responsive Education.

Lopez, Ana Soltero

Dr. Ana Soltero Lopez
Office: Education Building, Rm 431
Phone: 559.278.0282
E-mail: asolterolopez@mail.fresnostate.edu

Lopez, Patricia D.

Dr. Patricia D. Lopez
Office: Education Building, Rm237
Phone: 559.278.0115
E-mail: pdlopez@csufresno.edu

Low, David

David Low
Office: Education Building, Rm 269
Phone: 559.278.0208
E-mail: dlow@csufresno.edu

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MA, New York University
BA, University of Arizona

Areas of Expertise:
Literacy, Secondary English Language Arts, Practitioner Research, Critical Literacy, Multimodality and Visual Literacy, Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's and YA Literature, Comics/Sequential Art/Graphic Novels in Education

Link to Dr. Low's Faculty Page

Lucey, Christopher


Office: Education Building, Rm437
Phone: 559.278.0407
Email: clucey@csufresno.edu

Luna, Christina

Christina Luna
Office: Education Building, Rm 459
Phone: 559.278.0362
E-mail: christinal@csufresno.edu

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Mahoney, Michael

Dr. Michael Mahoney

Office: Education Building, Rm349
Phone: 559.278.0326
E-mail: mwmm@mail.fresnostate.edu

Mathis, Catherine


Office: Education Building, Rm 242
Phone: 559.278.0228
E-mail: cmathis@csufresno.edu

McDonald, Cheryl

Cheryl McDonald
Office: Education Building, Rm 359
Phone: 559.278.0412
E-mail: cmcdonald@csufresno.edu

B.A. Early Childhood, California State University, Fresno
M.A. Special Education [with distinction], California State University, Fresno

Areas of Expertise:
Mild-moderate disabilities; co-teaching; inclusion

Mehta, Rohit

Dr. Rohit Mehta
Office: Education Building, Rm235
Phone: 559.278.0227
E-mail: mehta@csufresno.edu

Research Interests: Creativity, Aesthetics, Inclusion, Educational Technology
Personal website: mehtarohit.com

Mendoza, Cecilia

 Dr. Cecilia Mendoza
Office: Education Building, Rm 473
Phone: 559.278.0452
E-mail: ceciliamendoza@mail.fresnostate.edu

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Nelson, Frederick

Fred Nelson
Office: Education Building, Rm100
Phone: 559.278.0261
E-mail: fnelson@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. in Science Education, University of Florida
M.S. in Science Education, Kansas State University
B.S. in Secondary Education, Kansas State University

Areas of Expertise:
Naturalistic inquiry
Reflective practice
Constructivist pedagogy
Inquiry-oriented instruction
Next Generation Science Standards

Research Interests:
Development of reflective practice by preservice teachers
Dynamics of interdisciplinary faculty collaboration
Inquiry as a stimulus for reflection in science methods courses
Learner-centered teaching in university courses
Self-study of teacher education practices
Technology as a process for reflective practice
Teacher inquiry and action research

Parks, Joe

Office: Education Building, Rm243
Phone: (559) 278-0260
Email: jparks@csufresno.edu

Pereyra, Sergio

Sergio Pereyra
Office: Education Building, Rm 451
Phone: 559.278.3341
Email: spereyra@csufresno.edu

Pham, Kien

Kien Pham
Office: Education Building, Rm245
Phone: 559.278.0247
Email: kienp@csufresno.edu

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
Master of Education (Educational Psychology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum and Instruction)

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematics Education

Phan, Trang

Trang Phan
Office: Education Building, Rm 469
Phone: 559.278.0043
Email: tphan@csufresno.edu

Areas of expertise: 

  • Massive Open Online Courses, Personalized Learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Technology integration
  • Student-centered learning
  • Human-centered design
  • Digital fluency development towards career readiness

Link to Dr. Phan's Faculty Page

Pitt, Jenelle

Jenelle Pitt
Office: Education Building, Rm435
Phone: 559.278.0304
Email: jepitt@csufresno.edu


Areas of Expertise:
Multiculturalism, Diversity, & Social Justice
Counselor Preparation
Organizational Behavioral Issues in State VR Agencies

Powell, Dana

Dana Powell
Office: Education Building, Rm343
Phone: 559.278.0288
Email: danac@csufresno.edu

Ph.D Special Education

Areas of Expertise:
Classroom Management
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Pryor, Jonathan

Dr. Jonathan Pryor
Office: Education Building, Rm369
Phone: 559.278.0294
E-mail: jpryor@csufresno.edu

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Quisenberry, Janine


Office: Education Building, Rm239
Phone: 559.278.0257
Email: jquisenb@csufresno.edu

Rodriguez, R. Joseph

Dr. R. Joseph Rodriguez
Office: Education Building, Rm 241
Phone: 559.278.0239
E-mail: rjrodriguez@mail.fresnostate.edu

Schlievert, Susan

Susan Schlievert
Office: Education Building, Rm361
Phone: 559.278.0348
Email: susansc@csufresno.edu

B.A. Music
M.A. Musicology
Ed.D.  Educational Leadership
Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential
CLAD Certified
Supplemental Authorization Music
Administrative Services Credential

Areas of Expertise:
Pre-Service Teachers
Arts Integration
Curriculum Theories
Student Support

Shaeffer, Ruth

Ruth Schaeffer

Office: Education Building, Rm455
Phone: 559.278.5419
Email: rshaeffe@csufresno.edu

Sharma, Gitima

Gitima Sharma
Office: Education Building, Rm 463
Phone: 559.278.0069
E-mail: gsharma@csufresno.edu

Ph.D., Counselor Education                                                                                                                     
The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Counseling      
Michigan State University
M.S., Child Development    
Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India

Areas of Expertise:
Sense of purpose, meaning, persistence, college access, retention, and identity development among school and college students.

Shen, Hong


Office: Education Building, Rm245
Phone: (559) 278-0289
Email: hshen@csufresno.edu

Shin, Myung

Myung Shin
Office: Education Building, Rm 453
Phone: 559.278.0336
Ph.D. Curriculum, Instruction, & Teacher Education (Specialization: Science Education), Michigan State University
M.S. Science Education, Seoul National University
B.S. Earth and Space Science Education, Seoul National University
Areas of Expertise:
Science Education, STEM Education, Makerspace and Maker Education, Project-Based Learning, Diversity and Equity in Science/STEM Education, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Critical Ethnography, Participatory Action Research, Case Study  

Smith, Becky L. Noel

Dr. Becky Noel Smith
Office: Education Building, Rm257
Phone: 559.278.0076
E-mail: smith@csufresno.edu

Link to Dr. Smith's Faculty Page

Smith, H. Dan

Office: Education Building, Rm481
Phone: 559.278.0329
E-mail: dans@csufresno.edu

EdD - University of Northern Colorado, 1977

Areas of Expertise:
Counseling Techniques
Professional Practices, Laws, and Ethics for Therapists
Field Practice Supervision

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Tracz, Susan

Susan Tracz
Office: Education Building, Rm447
Phone: 559.278.0347
Email: susant@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. Measurement and Statistics
M.S. Marriage, Family and Child Counseling
M.A. English Literature
B.A. English Education

Areas of Expertise:
Statistics, General Linear Models, Evaluation, Educational Reform, Imagery in Counseling

Valencia, Albert

Albert Valencia
Office: Education Building, Rm331
Phone: 559.278.0283
Email: albertv@csufresno.edu

Ed.D.   University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA
M.S.    San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
B.A     California State University, Los Angeles, CA
A.A.     Los Angeles City College, CA

Areas of Expertise:
* Intimate Partner Violence
* Multicultural Issues in Counseling
* The impact of violence on the learning and development of children
* Presence of culture in psychology
* The art and craft of mentoring
* Transnational ties and the immigrant self

Vang, Anthony

Anthony Vang
Office: Education Building, Rm273
Phone: 559.278.0284
E-mail: tvang@csufresno.edu

Doctor of Education
1990 -University of San Francisco

Areas of Expertise:
International Multicultural Education and Second Language Acquisition

Van Horn, Selena

Selena Van Horn
Office: Education Building, Rm 351
Phone: 559.278.4011
Email: svanhorn@csufresno.edu

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Wahleithner, Juliet

Juliet Wahleithner

Office: Education Building, Rm 271
Phone: 559.278.0219
E-mail: jwahleithner@csufresno.edu
Link to Dr. Wahleithner's Faculty Page

Ph.D., Education, September 2013
University of California, Davis
Area: Language, Literacy, & Culture
Designated Emphasis: Writing, Rhetoric, & Composition Studies
M.A., Education, January 2010
University of California, Davis
Area: Language & Literacy
California Single Subject Teaching Credential, English, May 2002
Subject: English
Project Impact, San Joaquin County Office of Education
B.A., English, History Minor, March 1999
University of California, Davis

Areas of Expertise:
Literacy development at the secondary level
Teaching of writing
Teacher development
Teacher inquiry
Education evaluation

Walsh, Nichole

Nichole Walsh
Office: Education Building, Rm 467
Phone: 559.278.0532
Email: nwalsh@csufresno.edu

Wandeler, Christian

Christian Wandeler

Office: Education Building, Rm 439
Phone: 559.278.0355
Email: cwandeler@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Development of Hope and Motivation

Watson, Jennifer Moradian

Jennifer Watson
Office: Education Building, Rm 461
Phone: 559.278.0354
E-mail: jmoradianwatson@csufresno.edu

Liberal Studies-BA
Multiple Subject Credential (Supplemental Add-On:  Social Science & ELA)
Administrative Preliminary/Clear Credential
Masters in Education
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Areas of Expertise:
Novice Teacher Retention
Alternative Discipline Structures in K-12

Weir, Kyle

Kyle Weir
Office: Education Building, Rm433
Phone: 559.278.0169
Email: kweir@csufresno.edu

Wu, Pei-Ying

Dr. Pei-Ying Wu
Office: Education Building, Rm 25A
Phone: 559.278.0052
E-mail: peiwu@mail.fresnostate.edu

Xiong, Soua

Dr. Soua Xiong
Office: Education Building, Rm445
Phone: 559.278.0316
E-mail: sxrhs@csufresno.edu

Yi Borromeo, Varaxy

Dr. Varaxy Yi Borromeo
Office: Education Building, Rm365
Phone: 559.278.0309
E-mail: varaxy@csufresno.edu

Yukhymenko, Mariya

Mariya Yukhymenko
Office: Education Building, Rm 449
Phone: 559.278.3928
E-mail: mariyay@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Cognition and Instruction

Areas of Expertise:
Quantitative research methods, statistical methodologies including such advanced methodology as hierarchical linear modeling, instrument design, student motivation

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