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  • University of Pennsylvania – PhD in Reading/Writing/Literacy, 2015
  • New York University – MA in English Education, 2010
  • University of Arizona – BA in Education, 2003

Professional Biography

Dr. Low’s research examines intersections among multiliteracies, multimodality, racial and cultural identity, and critical multicultural education. Both as a researcher and educator, Dr. Low is committed to disrupting the presumed divide between practice and theory, prioritizing instead the critical knowledge developed in collaborative educational spaces. Before entering academia, Dr. Low was a high school English teacher in Tucson, Arizona.

Areas of Expertise / Research Interests

Literacy, Secondary English Language Arts, Practitioner Research, Community-based Research, Critical Literacy, Multimodality, Visual Literacy, Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's and YA Literature, Comics and Graphica in Education

Current Projects and Professional Roles

  • PI of research partnership with Kepler Neighborhood School’s library
  • PI & lead facilitator of KSOEHD partnership with the Fresno American Indian Health Project (2015-)
  • Chair of AERA Literature SIG (2017-19)
  • Department Editor of Language Arts (2019-21)
  • NCTE Standing Committee on Research (2018-21)

Selected Publications

Low, D. E., & Rapp. S. M. (in press, 2021). Youth identities and affinities on the move: Using a transliteracies framework to critique digital dichotomies. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 16(2).

Low, D. E., Lyngfelt, A., Thomas, A. A., & Vasquez, V. M. (in press, 2021). Critical literacy and contemporary literatures. In J. Z. Pandya, R. A. Mora, J. Alford, N. A. Golden, & R. S. deRoock (Eds.), The critical literacies handbook. Routledge.

Low, D. E., Pandya, J. Z., & Kervin, L. K. (in press, 2021). Theorising multimodality through children and youths’ perceptions and experiences. English Teaching: Practice & Critique, 20(2).

Dallacqua, A. K., & Low, D. E. (2021). Cupcakes and beefcakes: Students’ readings of gender in superhero texts. Gender and Education, 33(1), 68-85.

Low, D. E., Monea, B., Stornaiuolo, A., Thomas, E. E., & Campano, G. (2020). Drawing out the A in English Language Arts. Research in the Teaching of English, 55(2), 105-108.

Beucher, B., Low, D. E., & Smith, A. (2020). Memes and social messages: Teaching a critical literacies curriculum on the Dakota Access Pipeline. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 22(3), 24-49.

Pandya, J. Z., & Low, D. E. (2020). Theorizing the addressive audience in children's digital video production. Written Communication, 37(1), 41-68.    

Low, D. E., & Pandya, J. Z. (2019). Issues of validity, subjectivity, and reflexivity in multimodal literacy research and analysis. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 15(1), 1-22.

Dallacqua, A. K., & Low, D. E. (2019). “I never think of the girls”: Critical gender inquiry with superheroes. English Journal, 108(5), 76-84.

Low, D. E., & Jacobs, K. B. (2018). Literature circle roles for discussing graphica in language arts classrooms. Language Arts, 95(5), 322-331.

Low, D. E. (2017, Fall/Winter). Not to be “destoried”: How an academically marginalized student employs comics and multimodal authorship to claim a counter-identity. Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy, and the Arts, 4(2), 6-56.

Low, D. E. (2017). Students contesting “colormuteness” through critical inquiries into comics. English Journal, 106(4), 19-28.

Jacobs, K. B., & Low, D. E. (2017). Critical questioning in and beyond the margins: Teacher preparation students’ multimodal inquiries into literacy assessment. English Education, 49(3), 226-264.

Low, D. E. (2017). Waiting for Spider-Man: Representations of urban school “reform” in Marvel Comics’ Miles Morales series. In G. A. Tarbox & M. A. Abate (Eds.), Graphic novels for children and young adults: A collection of critical essays (pp. 278-297). University Press of Mississippi.

Botzakis, S., Savitz, R., & Low, D. E. (2017). Adolescents reading graphic novels and comics: What we know from research. In K. A. Hinchman & D. A. Appleman (Eds.), Adolescent literacies: A handbook of practice-based research (pp. 310-322). The Guilford Press. 

Low, D. E., & Campano, G. (2016). Multiliteracies, the arts, and postcolonial agency. In G. Campano, M. P. Ghiso, & B. J. Welch (Eds.), Partnering with immigrant communities: Action through literacy (pp. 92-102). Teachers College Press.

Campano, G., Ngo, L., Low, D. E., & Jacobs, K. B. (2016). Young children demystifying and remaking the university through critical play. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 16(2), 199-227.

Low, D. E., & Campano, G. (2013). The image becomes the weapon: New literacies and canonical legacies. Voices from the Middle, 21(1), 26-31.

Ghiso, M. P., & Low, D. E. (2013). Students using multimodal literacies to surface micronarratives of United States immigration. Literacy, 47(1), 26-34.

Low, D. E. (2012). “Spaces invested with content”: Crossing the ‘gaps’ in comics with readers in schools. Children’s Literature in Education, 43(4), 368-385.

Courses Taught at Fresno State

CI 245: Investigating Classroom Practice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practitioner Research (online MAT cohort)

EDL 590T: Dissertation Writing Seminar (Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership)

LEE 109S: Literacy Engagement in the Community through Collaborative Inquiry (Liberal Studies cohort & Service-Learning)

LEE 156: Content Area Language and Literacy Instruction (Single Subject Credential)

LEE 160: Inquiry and Puzzles of Practice A: Action Research (Multiple Subject Credential)

LEE 169S: Inquiry and Puzzles of Practice C: Youth Participatory Action Research (Multiple Subject Credential)

LEE 230: Supervised Teaching in Reading/Language Arts (online Masters in Literacy cohort)

LEE 234: Clinical Experiences in Reading Assessment and Instruction (online Masters in Literacy cohort)

LEE 280T: Content Area Literacy and Communication in Secondary Classrooms (Fresno Teacher Residency Program)