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Read more about the Fall 2020 plan and safety protocols. COVID-19 updates can be found on the Coronavirus Information page.

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

John T. Bushoven, Ph.D. -  Horticultural Science

Graduate Program Coordinator

Sharon Benes, Ph.D. - Soil Science


Gurreet Brar, Ph.D. - Pomology

Florence Cassel Sharma, Ph.D. - Irrigation Science

Margaret Ellis, Ph.D. - Plant Pathology

Dave Goorahoo, Ph.D - Olericulture

Ranjit Riar, Ph.D.  - Agronomy

Anil Shrestha, Ph.D. - Weed Science

Jacob A. Wenger, Ph.D. - Economic Entomology

John Williams, M.A. - Mechanized Agriculture

Christopher McKenna, M.A. - Mechanized Agriculture

Jill Hendrickson, M.A. - Agriculture

Ron Nishinaka, M.A. - Horticulture

Robert Roy, M.Sc. - Horticulture

Richard Stoltz, M.Sc. - Horticulture

Jennifer Tweedy, M.A. - Floriculture

Donald Vasconcellos, M.Sc. - Crop Science

Maria Estrada, M.Sc. - Crop Breeding

Jacob Hurst, M.Sc. - Agriculture


Emerita/Emeritus Faculty

Bruce Roberts, Ph.D. - Agronomy

Charles Krauter, Ph.D. - Soil Science 

Sayed Badr, Ph.D. 

Bendt From, M.Sc. - Mechanized Agriculture

Ken Heupel, M.A. - Mechanized Agriculture

Mahlon Hile, Ph.D. - Olericulture

Harry Karle, Ph.D.

Gary Koch, Ph.D. - Horticulture

Howard Martin, M.Sc.

Arthur Olney, Ph.D. - Ornamental Horticulture

Gary Ritenour, Ph.D.

Julian Whaley, Ph.D.


Department Office

Marlene Miyasaki - Administrative Support

Graduate Laboratory

Stella Sommer -Instructional Support Technician

Jordan Agricultural Research Center

Geoff Dervishian - Research Technician

University Farm Laboratory

Gary Chavira - Vegetable/Row Crops

Calliope Correia, M.Sc. - Greenhouse/Nursery Crops

Robert Willmott - Orchard Crops    

Jordan College Convocation