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Recent Video Features / Webinars

Viticulture and Enology Department / Winery Feature - KSEE 24 / CBS 47 (May 4, 2022)

Top Dog Alumni Association Annual Award Event (April 29, 2022) 

International ag robotics forum coming to Fresno (CBS 47 / NBC 24, April 12)

International Ag Robotics Forum to be hosted in Fresno and on campus (ABC 30, April 12)

Robot tractors and farm equipment on display at Fresno State (Fox 26, April 12)

FFA Field Day Recap: KMPH Fox 26 (April 9)

Dr. John C. Harris Tribute: Ag One Community Salute (Feb. 25)

Viticulture and Enology Department Spotlight (Feb. 14)

Human Nutritional Science Program / Food & Agriculture Research Lab Development (Dec. 8)

Fresno Country Chamber of Commerce Ag Awards (Dec. 1)

Kassandra Atkins, Animal Science Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Gabrielle Celaya-Finke, Plant Science Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Jonas Gomez, Food Science & Nutrition Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Xuewen (Molly) Li, Industrial Technology Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Marnelle Salie, Viticulture & Enology Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Hailey Wilbur, Agricultural Business Day of Giving Student Spotlight (Nov. 4)

Didactic Program in Dietetics Spotlight (Oct. 19)

Plant Science Student Research Spotlight: Kelsey Galvan (Sept. 25)

Shaver Lake volunteer firefighter recalls first response to the Creek Fire (ABC30, Sept. 2)

One Year Later: Fresno State students share harrowing Creek Fire experiences (Channel 24/47, Sept. 2)

Plant science graduate Jesus Toro finds career path through beekeeping (ABC30, August 5)

Jordan College & Arts & Humanties Colleges Graduation Ceremony (May 15) 

Jordan College Undergraduate Medalist Spotlight: Amanda Skidmore (May 15)

Jordan College Graduate Medalist Spotlight: Tim Truax (May 15)

Animal Science & Agricultural Education Department Awards Event (May 14)

A Full-Bodied Experience: Enology Senior Brenna Pratt (May 8) 

Viticulture Student Esteban Garcia - Sulphur Application / Powerdy Mildew Vine Management Research (May 8) 

Food Science & Nutrition Student Jinman Lei - Raisin Sensory / Biochemistry Research Presentation (May 8)

Jordan College Honors Cohort 6 - Student Research Presentations (May 3)

Top Dog Alumni Awards Ceremony (April 18)

Top Dog Alumni Awards Pre-Ceremony - Toasting our Jordan College Honorees (April 18)

Viticulture Greenhouse Groundbreaking (Jan. 29)

Fresno State's Partnership in the United Nations Global Compact (Jan. 18)

From Cows to Neurons: A Binational Student-Faculty Study Abroad Program proposal (Dec. 9) 

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Dennis Nef

Fall-Winter 2021

Spring-Summer 2021

Fall-Winter 2020

Spring-Summer 2020  


Recent College Newsletters 

Alumnus Steven Were Omamo

Spring-Summer 2021

Fall-Winter 2021

Spring-Summer 2020 

Fall-Winter 2019-20 

Spring-Summer 2019

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Recent News / Press Releases

Nancy Alvarez

May 2022

Animal Science Student Spotlight: Lisette Simental (May 16)

Nearly 6,000 graduates honored as commencement returns to Save Mart Center (May 13)

Ag students recognized for research, industry and community involvement (May 11)

Ag Business Professor Annette Levi selected for top teaching award (May 2)


Plant Science Graduate Student Spotlight: Ranvir Tung (April 29)

Standridge selected as Jordan College Graduate Dean's Medalists (April 29)

Jácome-Sáenz tabbed Jordan College Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist (April 27)

California Energy Commission approves $5 million for energy innovation (April 20)

Enology Student Spotlight: Monica Gutierrez (April 24)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Jolene Simas (April 17)

Animal Science Student Spotlight: Katlyn McClellan (April 11)

Fresno State to host 74th annual FFA Field Day event (April 9)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Riley Barney (April 3)

New lab gives students access to modern nut processing technology (April 1)


Spring plant sale offers special prices on home and garden varieties (March 29)

Viticulture Student Spotlight: Esteban Garcia (March 28)

Equine Unit Student Spotlight: Kaylee Melton (March 18)

Pre-Veterinary Club hosts vaccination, microchip clinic for dogs (March 17)

Animal Science Student Spotlight: Hannah Williamson (March 13)

Plant Science Student Spotlight: Omar Abulghanam (March 6)

Returning rodeo national qualifiers lead Fresno State against region’s best (March 1)


Commencement ceremonies plan for return to Save Mart Center (Feb. 15)

International humanitarian Omamo among 2022 Top Dog Alumni Award honorees (Feb. 10)

Industrial Technology Student Spotlight: Christopher Kyles (Feb. 4)

Fresno State looks forward to return of World Ag Expo (Feb. 1)


Harris Farms President to be Honored at Ag One Community Salute (Jan. 20)

California Water Institute Staff Spotlight: Laura Ramos (Jan. 19)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: ASI Senator Ashleigh Sorensen (Jan. 16)

California Water Institute Releases Water Management Report (Jan. 13)

Restructured California Water Institute Improves Access to Programs and Services (Jan. 11)

Agricultural Education / Ag Operations Student Spotlight: Zach Fallert (Jan. 5)

December 2021

Center for Irrigation Technology Retirement Spotlight: Tim Jacobsen (Dec. 28)

Viticulture & Enology Staff Retirement Spotlight: Cynthia Wood (Dec. 21)

Viticulture Faculty Retirement Spotlight: Dr. Sanliang Gu (Dec. 14)

Equine Unit Student Assistant Spotlight: Sarah Bartel (Dec. 13)

Enology Student Spotlight: Zihao 'Amir' Jiang (Dec. 10) 

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Garrett Quade (Dec. 5)

Plant science students commitment to agronomy rewarded with national honor (Dec. 3)


Staff Spotlight: Michelle Perez (Nov. 29)

United Nations Global Compact Member Report (Nov. 22)

Students share nutrition advice through grocery store tours (Nov. 19)

Fresno State to lead dairy innovation project with $1.8 million USDA grant (Nov. 18)

Veterans Day Student Spotlight: Sared Yim (Nov. 11)

Flavor of Fall wine tasting features wines, food and music (Nov. 10)


Plant Science student Cervantes nourishing a new direction (Oct. 14)

Agricultural Education Alumni Spotlight: Ronda Hamm (Oct. 10)

Food, Family, and Farm Month connects campus to community (Oct. 8)

Plant Science Student Internship Spotlight: Arik Bains (Oct. 2)


James G. Boswell Foundation creates fund to support campus farm (Sept. 30)

Ag Education / Creamery Student Spotlight: Xena Millan (Sept. 26)

Food Science & Nutrition Alumnus Spotlight:John Mua (Sept. 19) 

Smittcamp Honors Student Spotlight: Chelsea Castillo Najera (Sept. 18)

Staff Spotlight: Linda Lopez-Atkins (Sept. 17)

Alumnus reflects on overnight hike interrupted by Creek Fire (Sept. 10)

Student reflects on mountain of memories one year after historic Creek Fire (Sept. 1)

Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines (Sept. 1)


Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Macy Myers (Aug. 29)

Fresno State welcomes students back to campus (Aug. 21)

Industrial Technology Student Spotlight: Xuewen 'Molly' Li (Aug. 21)

Human nutritional sciences degree opens new doors for students (Aug. 20)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Nancy Alvarez (Aug. 15)


Industrial Technology Student Spotlight: Fernando Nuño Pulido (July 30)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Juli Figone (July 21)

New Ag One president brings over 30 years’ experience to his alma mater (July 19)

Neely leads Bulldoggers at college national rodeo (July 6)

Nobel Prize, Noble Work: Fresno State magazine feature on agricultural business alumnus Dr. Steven Were Omamo (July 1)


A Land of Opportunity: University Agricultural Laboratory, Fresno State magazine feature (June 27)

'Friday Night Flights' wine tastings kick off summer weekends  (June 9)

Amanda Skidmore Video/Story: Sharing a passion for growth from raising livestock to food and wine research (June 8)

Ag students honored for passion, innovation and research (June 2)

Viticulture Student Research Spotlight: Salvador Pineda (June 1)


Food Science & Nutrition Student Research Spotlight: Joanie Snow (May 26)

Industrial Technology Student Spotlight: Travis Asher (May 22)

Poultry Science Graduate Student Research Spotlight: Anh Do (May 18)

Viticulture & Enology Student Research Spotlight: Abelardo L. Rodriguez Cetto (May 14)

Agricultural Business Senior Spotlight: Patricia Ambriz Viveros (May 13)

Shepherding a Passion For Education: Tim Truax Medalist Feature (May 11)

Industrial Technology Student Research Spotlight: Kory Gilman (May 11)

Agricultural Business Student Research Spotlight: Andrew Bertuccio (May 10)

Agricultural Education Student Spotlight: Morgan Henson (May 9)

A Full-Bodied Experience: Enology Senior Brenna Pratt Feature (May 8) 

Culinology Student Spotlight: Daniel Olmos (May 8)

New Fresno State red wine blend honors 2021 graduating class (May 4)

Agricultural Business Student Research Spotlight: Delaney Woolwine (May 3)

Harry Karle: Losing a valued member of the campus community (May 3)


Truax among 2021 Fresno State Graduate Dean's Medalists (April 29)

Jordan College's Skidmore among 2021 Fresno State Undergraduate Deans’ Medalists (April 27)

Agricultural supporters Lynda & Stewart Resnick among four honorary doctorates (April 26)

Losing a valued member of the campus community: Dr. Harry Karle (April 26)

Animal Science Senior Spotlight: Makenzie Flach (April 25)

La Salle extends Fresno State success at national dicussion contest (April 24)

Food Science & Nutrition research student spotlight: Natalia Benik (April 3)


Viticulture Graduate Student Research Spotlight: Robert Herrell (March 27) 

International Women's Day Student Research Spotlight: Sucharitha Ayyalasomayajula (March 8)

Giant plant sale targets spring vegetable garden and home needs (March 3)

Shrestha begins term as president of state weed science society (March 1)


Agricultural Science Research Spotlight: Rachel Coelho (Feb. 19)

Plant Science Research Spotlight: Raman Brar (Feb. 13)

Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute Named Organization of Year (Feb. 3)

World Ag Expo virtual seminars feature Fresno State presenters (Feb. 3)

ZaJria Bradshaw: Riding an Untraditional Path - Fresno State Magazine (Feb. 1)


ZaJria Bradshaw: Riding an Untraditional Path - Fresno State Magazine (Feb. 1)


Plant Science Student Research Spotlight: Simarjeet Singh Maan (Jan. 30)

Agricultural Business Student Spotlight: Anthony Camacho (Jan. 23)

Jordan College introduces seventh honors cohort (Jan. 22) 

Monticelli & Bentley among Top Dogs to be honored (Jan. 21)

Plant Science Student Spotlight: Travis Woods (Jan. 17)

New viticulture greenhouse made possible by community support (Jan. 14)

Industrial Technology Student Spotlight: Mario Bedolla Lopez (Jan. 10)

Study abroad grant bridges Mexican and American dairy industry (Jan. 8) 

Plant Science Student Research Spotlight: Dani Evans (Jan. 4)

December 2020

Dairy Student Herdsman Feature: MIchael Neves (Dec. 27)

$100,000 gift by Oro Agri completes fundraising for new viticulture greenhouse (Dec. 23)

Plant Science Club wins national competitions (Dec. 18) 

Organic farmer & alum Matsumoto appointed to Fresno State Board (Dec. 17)

Fresno State awards honorary doctorates to three difference-makers in the community (Dec. 18)

Winery Student Spotlight: Lindsay Mendonca (Dec. 12)

High Impact Practices Symposium Student Video Research Spotlights (Dec. 11)

Enology professor infuses curriculum with an entrepreneurial twist (Dec. 9)

Ag One Board Member Spotlight: Lorna Roush (Dec. 8)

Food Science & Nutrition Student Spotlight: Stephanie Santora (Dec. 5)

November 2020

Campus quarter horse student spotlight: Maddy Aycock (Nov. 28)

Cobb-Vantress Animal Science Student Internship Spotlight: Anh Do (Nov. 22)

Bayer / plant science internship spotlight: Anabel Padilla (Nov. 9)

Campus farm student spotlight: Jordyn Stockton (Nov. 7)

Superior Farms / animal science internship spotlight: Amber Layne (Nov. 1)


Plant science student internship spotlight: Aaron Vega Mendoza (Oct. 24)

Plant Science student internship spotlight: Bianey Medina Garcia (Oct. 15)

Food, Family and Farm Month showcases campus expertise and community ties (Oct. 14)

Viticulture student internship spotlight: Esteban Garcia (Oct. 11)

Jordan College creates scholarship in memory of ag business faculty Minami (Oct. 10) 

Poultry Science Student Internship/Campus Farm Spotlight: Cirenio Hisasaga (Oct. 7)

Agricultural Business Student Internship Spotlight: Cole Van Wyhe (Oct. 4)

Fresno State honors legacy of Dolores Huerta with planting of ‘peace tree’ in the Peace Garden (Oct. 2)


Campus Farm Student Spotlight: Christopher Gonzalez (September 30)

Fall plant sale offers wide selection for gardens, landscapes and homes (Sept. 30)

Agricultural Business Student Internship Spotlight: Omar Vargas-Torres (Sept. 26)

Research Administrator Spotlight: Maral Kismetian (Sept. 24)

Alumni Vintners Wine Club features alum Bo Barrett (Sept. 22)

Fresno State honors Sen. Tom Berryhill with flag tribute (Sept. 18)

Faculty & staff help Georgia improve global trade by helping create national phytosanitary plan (Sept. 10)

Campus Farm Spotlight: Sara Larson (Sept. 7)

Faculty Spotlight: Brad Mendes (Sept. 6)

Summer Internship Student Spotlight: Cynthia Lopez (Sept. 5)

Farm Market introduces new tailgate canned wine series (Sept. 1) 


Summer Internship Student Spotlight: Jose Novoa (Sunview) (Aug. 30)

Mechanized Agriculture Faculty Spotlight: Chris McKenna (Aug. 27)

Equine Unit Student Spotlight: Christina Calderon (Aug. 24)

Ag Communications Student Spotlight: Erica Bowles (Aug. 22)

Gibson Farm Market sells new hand sanitizer made on campus (Aug. 10)

Fresno State honors ag leader Jack Woolf (Aug. 6)



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Recent News Stories

Jonas Gomez & Dr. Shabnam Pooya & Dr. Lisa Herzig


A-maize-ing flavor (Fresno State Sweet Corn - California Bountiful Magazine, May/June 2022) 

Professor Annette Levi Selected for Top Teaching Award (Sierra News Online, May 4)

Facing labor challenges, a new ag robotics forum aims to connect growers and startups (Agri-Pulse, April 13th)

 French Ag Robotics Showcase Chooses Fresno For First US Event  (The Business Journal, April 12)

International Ag Robotics Forum to be hosted in Fresno and on campus (ABC 30, April 12)

International ag robotics forum coming to Fresno (CBS 47 / NBC 24, April 12)

Robot tractors and farm equipment on display at Fresno State (Fox 26, April 12)

Fresno State students learn nut processing by doing (Western Farm Press, April 11)

2,000 high school students compete at Fresno State for its 74th annual FFA Field Day (KMPH Fox 26, April 9)

New Tree Nut Processing Laboratory Unveiled at Fresno State (Ag Net West, April 5)

Big Spring Plant Sale Set at Fresno State Farm Market on Saturday (GV Wire, March 31)

Here are the 2022-2023 Associated Students Inc. election results (The Collegian, March 29)

Farm Credit announces MANRRS Scholarship winners (Ag Daily, March 23)

CSU Alumnae: Women Changemakers in Wine - Newswise (CSU News Wise, March 21)

With Fewer Enology Majors, Fresno State Looks at Adding Wine Marketing Program (GV Wire, March 18)

 Join the local effort to help Western Monarch Butterfly (Merced County Times, March 18)

'Bringing back lost history': Winemaking returns to Catawba with new red blend (VE alumna Margot Federkiel, Port Clinton News Herald, March 14)

USDA touts $80M for dairy initiatives (March 3)

Central Valley women in agriculture recognized (The Sentinel, March 1)

Fresno State shows ‘passion for agriculture’ in 2022 World Ag Expo ( The Collegian, Feb 22)

Kenyan Immigrant Leads Fresno State’s Top Dog Honorees (GV Wire, Feb 16)

Valdez-Herrera & Fernando among California Weed Science Society Student Research Presentation Winners (UC Weed Science Blog, Jan. 25)

Use of Gypsum to Reclaim Salt Problems in Soils (Progressive Crop Consultant, Jan. 24)

Swall Leads Discussion Team to Fourth Consecutive State Team Title (California AG Today, Jan 1)

Fed funds to benefit county farmers (Sun Gazette, Dec. 8)

Student commitment to agronomy and outreach rewarded with national honor (California News Times, Dec. 3)

Fresno State Viticulture Club hosts 68th Annual Fall Harvest Dinner (Collegian, Nov. 22)

USDA awards dairy business grants (Capital Press, Nov 11)

Fresno State Plant Science researchers begin year 5 of cover crop roller study (Conservation Agriculture, Nov. 10)

Lumberyard Cellars Welcomes In 21-Plus Crowd (Escalon Times, Nov. 3)

Storms come as relief for Valley farmers dealing with drought conditions (featuring Robert Willmott, ABC30, Oct. 25)

Newspaper story: Agriculture career fair offers opportunities for Fresno State students (Collegian, Oct. 13)

Food, Family and Farm Month connects campus to community (California News Times, Oct. 9th)

James G. Boswell Foundation creates fund to support campus farm (California News Times, Sept. 30)

Innovations in Ag Irrigation Technology Demonstration and Showcase scheduled (Fruit Growers News, Sept. 28)

Winemaker Taragomes talks about grapes, wine, and her Chumash Winery-Silicon Valley (Fuentitech, Sept. 27)

Celebrating 35 Years — Vanguards Who Made a Difference: TIM VAUX (producebusiness, Sept. 27)

The Applegate Valley Offers Oregon Winemakers a Quiet Place to Experiment (Alum Herb Quady, New York Times, Sept. 23)

Fresno State Poultry Science Dr. Katy Tarrant Interview (Pat Simone Jr. Podcast, Sept. 18)

Hard work, fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines (Merced County Times, September 15)

Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines (California News Times, Sept. 11)

Hard work and fine fruit results in five medals for Fresno State wines (Market Research Biz Reports, Sept. 11)

(CWI's Laura Ramos featured) As California restricts water use for farmers, low supply levels add to drought’s harsh reality (PBS, Sept. 3)

Shaver Lake volunteer firefighter recalls first response to the Creek Fire (ABC30, Sept. 2)

One Year Later: Fresno State students share harrowing Creek Fire experiences (Channel 24/47, Sept. 2)

Fresno State students (like Justin Tran) excited, nervous during move-in day (The Fresno Bee, August 28)

(VE faculty Brillante featured in) The Financial Case for Organic (Beverage Media Group, Aug. 24)

Cliff Yu Joins Fresno State Viticulture Faculty (Wine Business, August 23)

Ag Business alum ID'd as victim in crash in Fresno (Fresno Bee, Aug. 14)

(VE alum Mike Sullivan) Wine of the week: Benovia, 2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (Press Democrat, Aug. 10)

Former marine from Madera finds new career in beekeeping (ABC30, Aug. 7)

(Correia, nursery faculty) How bad is it to reuse soil from a dead plant? (HGTV magazine, September issue page 54, Aug. 5)

Cassell recognized among IA annual award winners (Artificial Grass News, July 27)

Now That's Rural: Jackie Mundt, ag advocate (Salina Post, July 25)

New Ag One president brings over 30 years' experience to his alma mater (California News Times, July 24)

In California’s agricultural heartland, thousands of wells could soon run dry (PBS NewsHour, July 20)

New Ag One president brings over 30 years' experience to his alma mater  (Eminetra, July 19)

New AgOne Foundation Chairman Brings Over 30 Years of Experience (, July 19) 

Boyce Thompson Institute Intern Spotlight: Anisabel Guzman (Facebook, July 17)

Vicious bugs have been attacking firefighters at the River Fire. What are they? (Jacob Wenger) (KMPH, July 15)

Soft Skills Important for Ag and USDA's $500-million American Rescue Plan (, July 14) 

Cassel Sharma among six Irrigation Association annual award recipients (Irrigation & Green Industry, July 12) 

IA names annual award recipients (Irrigation & Green Industry, July 12)

Parra elected ASI Senator of Undergraduate and Graduate Affairs (July 10)

Gomes among among new milk board princess (Foothills Sun Gazette, July 10)

Three Fresno State agriculture students selected as Teach Ag Ambassadors (ABC30, July 9)

Alex Stewart (alum) has been hired by Matthews Winery to lead its winemaking initiatives (, July 7)

Agricultural employers weigh in on ‘soft skills’ (Ag Alert, July 7)

Eat, Drink, Savor: WildEye Winery takes a wild approach to winemaking (Alum Mike Berntsen) (BenitoLink, June 25)

(Alum Kevin Danzeisen) 1836 Farms creamery brings old-fashioned taste back (Dallas Morning News, June 20)

Severe heat and drought the hallmarks of a changing west (Washington Post, June 20)

Eat, Drink, Savor: (Alum) Al DeRose’s journey from Hollister to Chile and back again (Benito Link, June 6)

Pace International LLC Promotes Michelle Smith (Alum) to Senior Manager, Sales and Field Services South US (KHQ-Q6-TV, June 3)

Getting California Out Of A Drought – By Using Trenches (The Impact, June 2)

Why Is Fresno State Corn so Darned Good? The Experts Explain (GV Wire, June 2)

Fresno State corn is back on Monday, May 31! (ABC 30, May 29)

Sweet corn is back at Fresno State (FOX 26 News, May 28)

Fresno State Sweet Corn Returns to Gibson Farm Market (Sierra News Online, May 31)

Fresno State corn fans’ wait is over for first-of-the season sweet corn (Fresno Bee, May 31)

How, When, and Where You Can Get Fresno State Sweet Corn (GV Wire, May 27)

You know the drill: Fresno State’s sweet corn is back. Here’s when you can get a taste (Fresno Bee, May 27)

It’s Back! Find Out When You Can Buy Fresno State Sweet Corn (KMJ Now, May 27)

How Sweet It Is: Fresno State’s Famed Corn Returns May 31 (The Business Journal, May 27)

Fresno State sweet corn to go on sale May 31 (California News Times, May 27)

Start lining up! Fresno State’s famous corn goes on sale Monday (The Sun, May 27)

Fresno State sweet corn to go on sale May 31 (ABC 30, May 27)

Clovis High Schooler's Drought-Detecting Robot Earns International Science Fair Honors (VPR, May 26)

Clovis North Student Wins $55K in World Science Prizes for Drought Remedy (GV Wire, May 25)

Ag Business Freshman-to-be Kier among area valedictorians (Sierra News Online, May 23)

2021’s Best California Wine Counties (LawnStarter, May 21)

Local company donates $155,000 almond shaker for Fresno State's ag students (ABC 30, May 20)

Fresno State ag business alum Butte College’s Jacob Vazquez named Butte College Teacher of the Year (Chico Enterprise Record, May 20)

Wonderful Company co-owner Lynda Resnick launches $1 million fund for Fresno State grads (The Sun, May 14)

Lynda Resnick Announces $1 Million Fund For Fresno State Graduates During Their Commencement (Forbes, May 14)

Here’s how Fresno State graduates can earn $500 from the Wonderful Company (Fresno Bee, May 14)

New Resnick Program Will Pay $1M For Fresno State Graduate Volunteer-ship (The Business Journal, May 14)

The Wonderful Company Co-Owner Lynda Resnick Dedicates $1 Million to Inspire Fresno State Graduates To Engage In Community Service (Markets Insider, May 14)

Resnicks establish $1 million fund for Fresno State grads (, May 14)

Meet Fresno State’s 2021 Undergraduate Deans’ Medalists (GV Wire, May 12)

Toca Madera Winery (& alum Vetter) shine with winning wines (Modesto Bee, May 12)

Congratulations Fresno State Grads; Commencement for the classes of 2021 and 2020 (Your Central Valley, May 11)

Fresno State Announces 2021 Graduate Deans’ Medalists (GV Wire, May 10)

Fresno State is ready to celebrate the graduates of 2021 – and 2020 (Your Central Valley, May 7)

Fresno State Winery creates new red wine in honor of Class of 2021 (ABC30, May 5)

Fifty-six students benefit from Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. scholarships (Dairy Business, May 4)

Liang Among Fresno State’s Award-Winning 2021 Professors (GV Wire, May 3)

Irrigation Innovation Consortium funds 3 water for food faculty fellow projects (The Fence Post, May 3)

Reelhorn (Alum) among new AmericanHort board members, officers (Greenhouse Magazine, April 29)

Fresno-State-bound student Hayden Michael Mennie receives Agri-Culture scholarship (Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 25)

Japanese ag company settling into new Valley home (Business Journal, April 27)

Resnicks among four honorary doctorate recipients slated for 2021 commencement (GV Wire, April 26)

Fresno State Awards 4 Honorary Doctorates for 2021 Commencement Season (GV Wire, April 26)

How a Central California winery uses worms in wine production (Valley Ventures member BioFiltro) (Localish/ABC30, April 26)

Former Bulldog Bear Pascoe wins steer wrestling event at Clovis Rodeo grounds (KSEE24/CBS47, April 19)

Former faculty/staff obituary Dr. Harry Karle Obituary (, April 19)

Fresno State Campus Winery Savors Recent Awards (Sierra News Online, April 16)

Fresno State Contributes Millions in Economic Impact (Sierra News Online, April 6)

New Report: Fresno State Has Nearly $2 Billion Annual Economic Impact (GV Wire, April 2)

Report: Fresno State Pumps $1.3B into the Economy (Business Journal, April 2)

Billy Barnes Obituary (Livestock science alum), (Bakersfield Californian, April 5)

California Dreaming: Farmers, scientists sustainably getting by with less water (Charles Hillyer interviewed) (ABC30, April 1)

Can California’s Organic Vegetable Farmers Unlock the Secrets of No-Till Farming? (Civil Eats, March 30)

Could Fresno State researchers keep next pandemic from happening (GVWire, March 29)

Women’s Group (CWA) Effectively Speaks on Behalf of the Busy Farmer (, March 28)

Viticulture and Enology Department guest seminar series focuses on terroir topics (American Vineyard, March 27)

Jeff Pisoni (alum), joins the family business, Pisoni Vineyards (Napa Valley Register, March 25)

Raised in the World of Wine — This Dynamic Winemaker Got Started as a Curious 10-Year-Old Girl (feating alum Erica Stancliff) (, March 22)

Simple Machine winery lives up to its name (feat. enology alum Brian Denner) (Mail Tribune)

Viticulture and enology student receives scholarship through San Luis Obispo County Vineyard Team (Santa Barbara Noozhawk, March 20)

Viticulture and Enology Department guest seminar series features sustainability presentation (American Vineyard, March 20)

CIG's Shrestha conducts cover crop rolling study at Fresno State (UC Extension Conservation Agriculture blog, March 20)

Viticulture and enology alum Chuck Olsen to exhibit at Orlando produce conference (March 15)

Fresno State starts construction on new greenhouse (ABC30, March 12)

CRŪ Winery launches viticulture and enology scholarship (Cision PR Newswire, March 12)

CRŪ Winery has a Pinot and scholarship opportunity every wine lover should know about (March 12)

CRŪ Winery launches scholarship (WFMZ Allentown, March 12)

Spring vegetable and plant sale a 'successful' event (feat. horticulture unit student Keira Searcy) (Hanford Sentinel, March 10)

Jacob Wenger / Way to Bee TV Episode (PBS American Grown: My Job Depends on Ag, March 3)

Fresno State nut lab brings a hands-on approach (Western Farm Press, March 3)

Truncated fair still produces livestock champions  (feat. faculty Brad Mendes) (Desert Review, March 2)

Wine, Covid and the Smell of Success (feat. alum Sherrie Holzer) (Wine-Searcher, Feb. 28)

Women winemakers changing the industry (featuring alum Erica Stancliff) (Modesto Bee, Feb. 24)

Nutritional Science alum Jen Hobbs featured in Merced College 'Ask Me Anything' forum (Feb. 22)

VE Alum Obituary: Timothy Laughlin Keegan (Press Democrat, Feb. 20)

Farm Hands West: Grimmway Farms hires Fresno State alum Morrelli (Agri-Pulse, Feb. 20)

Fresno State Viticulture & Enology Weekly Webinars - Volatile Acidity (American Vineyard Magazine, Feb. 20)
Fresno State Viticulture & Enology - Spring Seminar Series (Lodi Growers, Feb. 20)

Improve Efficiency And Accuracy In Indoor Irrigation Systems (Urban AG News, Feb. 19)

Cameron Ramey (FS alum) & 2017 Sonoma Coast Syrah featured as wine of the week (Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Feb. 16)

Fresno State Weekly Webinars - Volatile Acidity - American Vineyard Magazine (Feb. 13)

Fresno State begins construction on new viticulture greenhouse (News Break, Feb. 13)

Fresno State begins construction on new viticulture greenhouse (California News Times, Feb. 13)

ADAPT and overcome (DVIDS, Feb. 11)

ADAPT and overcome (Army Reserve News Articles, Feb. 11)

World Ag Expo goes virtual, talks fruit and pistachio crops (Bakersfield Now, Feb. 10)

Delicato announces winemaker scholarship program for Black, Indigenous, People of Color students (Wine Business, Feb. 9)

Former Super Bowl champion Bear Pascoe now a pro rodeo cowboy, rancher in Morro Bay (KCOY-TV (ch 12), Santa Maria, Feb. 7)

Fresno State begins construction on new viticulture greenhouse (Collegian, Feb. 4)

Fresno State’s Viticulture greenhouse breaks ground (Hanford Sentinel, Feb. 4)

Vit alum Olsen obituary (Hanford Sentinel, Feb. 4)

Vit alum Floyd Charles 'Chuck' Olsen Obituary (Feb. 4)

Fresno State begins construction on new viticulture greenhouse (Newsbreak, Feb. 4)

Camacho unveils ASI Plans In Reforming Senator Positions (Collegian, Feb. 1)

(AGBS alum) EUHS grad Patrick Hutcheson marries Megan Siefert of Gault, California (Foothills Sun Gazette, Jan. 27)

VE alum Goulart promoted to head distiller at Spirt Works (PR Newswire, Jan. 27)

Wine Press - Aperture Cellars Focuses On Creating Outstanding Wines in Sonoma County (Alum Jesse Katz,, Jan. 25)

Award-Winning Winemaker, Other Alums Named by Fresno State as Top Dogs in 2021 (GVWire, Jan. 21)

Monticelli & Bentley among Top Dogs to be honored in April (GV Wire, Jan. 21) 

Alum Mundt Named American Farm Bureau Federation Excellence in Agriculture Winner (Jan. 14)

Vit & enology alum Tian named Kern County UC Extension viticulture advisor (Jan. 12)

Study Abroad grant bridges Mexican and American dairy industry (Dairy Business Journal, Jan. 12)

Love of cheese guides new Fresno State-Mexico study abroad program (Business Journal, Jan. 9)

Republic of Georgia's Success in Battling Stink Bug Opens Potential for Increased U.S. Trade (AgriLinks, Jan. 8)

Ag business alum Jeff Taylor (& former political candidate and businessman) dies at 61 (Californian, Jan. 4)

Family of Wine — How a Creative Son Keeps the Pisonis’ California Legacy Going (VE alum Pisoni,, Dec. 28)



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