Financial Aid Status

Check On Your Financial Aid Status

  1. Once you are logged into My Fresno State, click on Student Self Service under My Menu.
  2. In the Student Self Service screen, click on Student Center.
  3. Click on My Finances arrow to open the menu.
  4. Click on the View Financial Aid link.
  5. A Select Aid Year window will open. If the current aid yearr field is not underlined, you will need to return to the Student Center and click on the To Do List link. You could have outstanding financial aid forms. If the current year is underlined, click on the link to view your award.
  6. This is the Award Summary window. It will display the financial aid award for both semesters. If the accepted field reads zero, it means that you will need to turn in your financial aid acceptance papers.
  7. To accept or decline your financial aid award, click on the Accept/Decline Loans button.