Faculty / Staff Email Request Form

Only Fresno State faculty, staff, or full-time Foundation/Association employees may request a faculty staff email account. Student assistants are not entitled to a fac/staff email account.

Please note that password resets cannot be processed from this form. Go to http://password.csufresno.edu for password resets.

Comments Section

"This form can only be used for Faculty or Staff members that have been former Fresno State students or Applicants"

If you are a New Employee to Fresno State and have never been a Student or an Applicant please use the link below to create your Fresno State email account.


E-mail Account Creation Process

  • The Help Desk reviews the request and verifies that email account doesn't exist.
  • A search is performed in PeopleSoft to verify that there is an active position.
  • If the person cannot be found in PeopleSoft or they only show up as a student, the department or person making the request is contacted for additional information. If employment cannot be verified either by PeopleSoft or by the department, the work order is closed and no account is created.
  • Once employment has been confirmed in PeopleSoft with an active position, a Help Desk agent creates the e-mail account. The username is based on a naming convention of the given (first) name initial followed by the family (last) name of the person for which the account was requested (such as "jdoe" for John Doe or "johnd" for John Doe if "jdoe" is already taken by someone else).
  • Once the account has been created, the account information is sent via email to the person making the request and to the alternate email address, if one was provided. The form contains the username, and e-mail address for the account holder as well as instructions on resetting the password and creating a secret question for the email account.

Other Things To Note:

  • An email account is usually created within 72 business hours of being received if all the information noted above is verified; i.e. Active Position in PeopleSoft.
  • As a security precaution, passwords are usually not sent via e-mail. We only give out passwords to the account holder over the phone (if they call the Help Desk) after verifying the caller's identity.
  • Please only request an e-mail account once. Processing this request can take a number of business days to process during peak times in the academic year. Duplicate requests will be ignored.