New Security Request

    1. Log into My Fresno State.
      Click on Security Requests

      My Menu

    2. Click on New Security Request

      New Security Request

    3. Select User Security Access
      Click on the Next tab button.

      User Security Access

    4. Search for the employee you are submitting the request for.

      Search User

    5. Select the correct employee record, then click on the Add button.

      * If an employee has multiple job records, please select the position and department this security relates to.

      * If an employee doesn’t have a job record on their new department, contact HR and submit the request once the record is ready

      Select User

    6. Verify that all of the listed information is correct, then click on the Next tab button.

      * To add more users to this request, click the plus (+) button

      Verify User

    7. Select the PeopleSoft roles 

      * If you do not see the roles needed or need to provide additional information, please use the comments box on the next page. 

      Access Choices

    8. Select the type of access, then click on the Next tab button.

      For Student Assistant select the limited Date Range Access

      * The maximum access time for students is from Aug - May
      * If they work during the summer, it can be requested from Aug - Aug

      Type of access

    9. Provide a justification (explanation of employee's job duties) for this access, then click on the save button.

      *If access you need was not listed, please provide the navigation path to the requested page (i.e my menu >next page>next page) 

      Explanation of Request