Incomplete Grade

On an instructor's grade roster, if the instructor assigns an "I" grade (Incomplete), a new Incomplete Contract column will appear with an Add link. If you select "I", and a value does not appear in the Incomplete Contact column, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5000.

Valid Incomplete Contract values:

  • Add = No Incomplete Contract has been created, please click to create a new one.
  • Update = Incomplete Contract has been created by the instructor and has not yet been "Accepted" by the student.
  • View = Incomplete Contract has been created by the instructor and has been "Accepted" by the student.

Incomplete Text Screenshot 1

Using Incomplete Contracts

  1. Click on the Add link next to the "I" grade to access the Incomplete Contract screen.

    Incomplete Screen Shot 2
  2. Enter the Reason Code (pick from Extenuating, Medical, or Other). If required course work is not completed by the designated time frame, the "I" reverts to an "IC" grade (Incomplete Charged).
  3. Enter the Deadline for Completion date.
  4. Enter the Descriptions of the Work Required for Removal of "I" grade. Use the + or - buttons to add and remove individual descriptions.
  5. Click the OK button to return to the Grade Roster screen.
  6. Once the Incomplete Contract has been created, the Incomplete Contract link will change to Update until the student accepts the contract. When the student accepts the contract, the link will change to View.
  7. If the instructor tries to approve a grade roster with "I" grades assigned without Incomplete Contracts created, an error message will display.

    Incomplete Screen Shot 3

    • The instructor needs to click the OK button, change the Approval status back to "Not Reviewed" and click on theAdd links to create the Incomplete Contracts for students assigned "I" grades. After all Incomplete Contracts have been created, the instructor can approve the grade roster.
    • The instructor should inform the student to view the details of the Incomplete Contract on their Student Centerusing the same Grades link that is used to access their final grades. The student will be able to review the Incomplete Contract and acknowledge their understanding regarding the terms and conditions of the contract.
  8. Once all the requirements of the course have been completed, the instructor should return to their Faculty Grade Roster for the class where the Incomplete was issued to Complete the Incomplete Contract.  Click here for full instructions on Completing the Incomplete Contract.