Access a Class Roster

  1. Log into My Fresno State.

  2. Click on the Faculty Self Service.

  3. Click on the Faculty Center.

  4. Ensure that the appropriate term is listed. If not, click change term button to select a different term.Change Term

  5. Click on the Class Roster icon group of the appropriate class.My Fresno State My Teaching Schedule Image

  6. To download the roster, Click on the download Icon
    Note: When opening the excel sheet, Chrome and Firefox may show you an error regarding the extension type. Hitting "yes" on this prompt should allow the roster to load.

  7.  To print the class roster from your browser follow below instructions:

a) on Internet Explorer click on File > Print

b) on Firefox, right click and select This Frame > Print Frame

c) on Google Chrome, download the extension "print this frame" (Settings > Extensions > Get more extensions > search for "print this frame" > Add to chrome > add extension) then right click and select Print this frame

Notifying students / sending emails to class


  1. To send an email to some students select the checkbox next to the intended students, then click notify selected students as shown below.

  2. To send an email to all students, choose the notify all students button instead.
    Notify Students
View Photo or Photos of Class Roster
  1. To view the photo of a student on your roster, click the photo icon  picicon of the student you want to view.
    Link to photos

  2.  To view pictures of all students with your roster, click Include Photos in List, the Click view all.
    Scroll down to see all the students.
    Include Photos in list
     Place holder image by @Jagen